Melanie and Robert

How We Met: Robert and I met one random day at our campus Starbucks. A common friend introduced us, we said our hello’s and we were both on our way.

A couple of months later, Robert ran into me again, as he volunteered at the UNCC 49er Blood Drive and I was sitting down, attached to my chair, giving blood. The persevering man he is, he stopped by my chair many times, offering me water, food, and even to hold my hand. It must have been the lack of blood in my brain, because I turned him away time after time.

It wasn’t until a random message through Facebook that we had our first actual conversations. It took some time and a couple missed dates, but we finally got the chance to meet up on campus. Almost 3 and a half years later, he kneeled down in the same Student Union of UNCC that we first met and asked me be his wife.

how they asked: Fooled for months by close sorority sisters, family, friends and even UNCC staff, I believed I would be interviewed by a local news station about the multicultural Greek life on our campus. After a quick interview outside of the UNCC Student Union, I was told to head inside for the rest of the questions. Instantly, I was surprised by my sorority sisters and Robert’s fraternity brothers. Realizing our song playing on the background, “Bailando,” I quickly began to weep. I was led all the way up to the third floor by friends, family and staff, all singing and twirling me. In the final room, a few of my dance friends had a cute routine to, what else but “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. They even had our mascot Norm the Niner involved. It seemed like an eternity but the man of my life finally walked into the room. As he knelt on one knee, all I could do was nod my head in a simple “Yes” before I began storming into tears, yet again.