Melanie and Mike


How We Met

I met Mike 4 years ago on March 24, 2012. The week before we had met I had introduced my best friend Katie to her now boyfriend, Lee. Katie and Lee hit it off right away and I found myself third wheeling it for what seemed like an eternity. After a while Lee decided he would bring a friend with him for a date night by the lake with Katie and I. I was unsure of the whole idea but decided to trust Lee and go along with it. Sure enough the night came and his friend canceled. But on Lees way to the gas station he ran into another friend he had not seen in a long time, but thought to extend the invite to him. When Lee told me he had invited another friend I didn’t know what to think but again decided to trust Lee and go along with it. That night, March 24th 201, I met Mike. It was a night I would never forget. There was instant chemistry and butterflies that I could have only dreamt about.

The four of us spent the night by the fire on the lake, drinking wine and looking up at the stars and looking into the eyes of the man I knew I would one day marry. It was the day that changed my life in the most wonderful way possible. We all can’t help but think, that wonderful coincidence at the gas station brought us together.


how they asked

The Cape is a really special place to Mike and I. Four years ago Mike and I took our first vacation to the Cape. That same vacation Mike asked me to be his girlfriend! We have traveled a lot and each trip I tend to anticipate, and let’s be honest, secretly hope that he will pop the question!  However this Cape trip was unlike any other and more than I could of ever imagined. We spent the morning sight seeing, riding bikes and taking in all the Nantucket has to offer. After a while we decided to take a walk down to Steps Beach. We noticed, walking down, it was seemingly quiet with few people around, giving it and extra feeling of tranquility. We sat together, looking over the ocean, talking, laughing and just enjoying the quality time. There were sea shells all around that Mike was using to write out mine and his name. After a while Mike calmly stood up, took my hand and walked me down to the water. Continuing our conversation Mike did what I had been dreaming of since the first night we met. Right then and there in the ankle deep water of one of the most beautiful beaches, in a town so close to my heart, the love of my life asked me to marry him (opeing the box backwards and facing him – we both laughed)! The feeling was like anything I had ever experienced!