Melanie and Michel

How We Met

Both Michel & I, being the the music industry, know it’s a fact that we’re required to be in the recording studio for long hours & often times, that means we miss out on the simple day to day joys of living “normally”, such as dating & having a social life. Luckily, it was that exact hard work & time in the studio that allowed us our chance meeting. We ALMOST missed it. Michel was in Los Angeles on a writing trip away from his home in Berlin, Germany. My best friend & he happen to share a music publisher. She was set up on a writing session with him via the publisher & fortuitously invited me to join them to write. It so happened, the day before we were to work, poor Michel had been dumped by his ex-girlfriend who’d accompanied him on the trip. He nearly cancelled our session. I too was on the other side of a difficult breakup & wasn’t really in much of a mood to write. We both, however, pushed through our own “shit” to get to the writing session & the MOMENT we laid eyes on each other in my friend’s kitchen, it was an instant connection. He was holding an iced coffee & I gave him shit about being 5 minutes late. The song we wrote that day was AWESOME.

I’m not just saying that. It WAS. After the music-writing session with my friend, the 3 of us went out for sushi where I could finally get a good look at Michel. The first thing I noticed was his beautiful smile. I like teeth & he has some good ones. After many laughs, a fantastic meal & some serious heart to hearts (musicians love to get deep), we dropped him at his hotel & said goodbye. After that night, he left to go back to Germany & we stayed in touch, literally becoming best friends over FaceTime & texts. We didn’t see each other in person until I flew to Germany a few months down the line (on a total whim). I’m SO glad the physical part of our relationship didn’t begin until nearly 6 months after we met in person! The distance forced Michel & I to commit to each other & learn about each other in a very different & special way. We developed, in a sense, our OWN language & sense of humor that continues to keep me cWe’ve been laughing together for over a year and a half now.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in In my best friend's kitchen, where we met!

how they asked

Michel proposed to me in the very place he saw me for the first time: my best friend’s kitchen! My friend & her husband were SO in on the proposal too. For our 1 year anniversary, Michel had made reservations at that same sushi spot we’d gone to the night we met. I was so excited for sushi & a night of romance & sake. That morning, my best friend called me & “broke the news” that on the ‘glorious evening of my one year anniversary’, I had to trek to her house/studio for a conference call with the creative director for the TV show she & I write the music for as WELL as make changes on a song we’d written. I was annoyed, to say the least, but due to the time restraint of the reservations, I brought Michel with me. He waited patiently in the living room while I recorded some quick song-edits for the show. While I was recording these vocals, my fiancé-to-be (according to him) was PANICKING with excitement in the other room. I completed singing & I headed toward the sink for a glass of water; IN barrels Michel, with a wild look in his eye, hand buried in his coat pocket.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In my best friend's kitchen, where we met!

He moved me back toward the center of the kitchen, & stated, “There. RIGHT there. That is the exact place I saw you for the first time & it changed my life. Now, I want to change yours.” He got down on one knee, on the tile floor, pulled out a BIG black box from his jacket, opened it up & asked, “Will you marry me?”

The moment I covered my mouth (classic engagement pose) & nodded my head while repeating “YES!”, my best friend & her husband BURST in from the other room laughing, with cameras in hand, a bottle of champagne & a box of “I Love U” cupcakes from our favorite bakery. I was surprised, to say the least. Apparently, this had been in the works for a while. I couldn’t frickin’ believe my friend actually made me sing that day AND that there was no conference call at all, HA! Some friend she is. (She truly is amazing; she’s now my Matron of Honor).