Melanie and Max

How We Met

Max and I met when I was 17 and he was 20. We had a mutual friend that invited us both to go to a party with him that night; I remember thinking how cute he was the second I laid eyes on him. I spent all night trying to flirt with him and even got him to drop me off at my car at the end of the night so I could have an excuse to talk to him even longer. I gave him my number at the end of the night but he didn’t have the guts to call me after.

Every time we saw each other at parties after that night we would spend hours talking and flirting. A year later he finally got the courage to ask me on a date. From that day forward my world spun in the opposite direction. I knew very early into our relationship that he would be the man I married. He supported me constantly even though I got my undergraduate degree two hours away. He never missed a single sorority dance or opportunity to have a Mexican or pizza dinner date.

Melanie's Proposal in Panama City Beach Front

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how they asked

Max and I had just arrived at Panama City Beach for a week long vacation. He informed me that he made dinner reservations for our first night there. The second he informed me of our dinner reservations I was very anxious considering we had been dating for three and a half years and he had never made dinner reservations for us before. We both got ready and set off towards dinner. He had made reservations at a beach front restaurant that was right down the beach from our hotel. We started walking on the beach towards the restaurant. We laughed and joked the whole way of how our calves were burning from walking through the sand. The restaurant we were eating at was called Sharky’s. We passed the entrance to the restaurant and just as I told Max we went too far, I noticed a man start snapping photos of me and a beaming smile upon Max’s face.

That’s when I noticed a beautiful heart sand sculpture that read, “Will You Marry Me Melanie?” My eyes filled with tears as Max told me how I changed his life for the past 1,246 days. He then dropped to one knee, pulled out the most gorgeous ring I had ever seen, and asked me to be his wife.

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After saying yes, everyone sitting at the beachfront restaurant along with people on the beach bursted into cheers. My heart was beaming with happiness. The man he hired to build the sand sculpture also captured photos of us directly after the proposal. While taking photos a little girl came up to me and handed me a sea shell and said, “Here’s this since you’re married now.” It was so precious and made the experience even sweeter. Once pictures were done, Max finally took me to our dinner reservation at Sharkey’s where they had reserved us a table that looked out on the beautiful sand sculpture.

Melanie and Max's Engagement in Panama City Beach Front

Special Thanks

Rick with Beach Sand Sculptures
Built Sand Sculpture/Captured Photos