Melanie and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I met when I was only 17. We played on a co-ed softball team together. Neither of us really talked to each other… until he missed a catch and the ball hit me in the face and broke my sunglasses. Perhaps he felt bad or perhaps he did it on purpose, either way after that he was very persistent on taking me out on a date (it definitely broke the ice). Although, he bothered me for weeks, I decided to give in and give him a chance. It didn’t take long for us to become inseparable. We were best friends instantly. The kind of friendship that feels like you’ve known each other forever. Meeting so young, we got to grow up with each other. He was there for High School graduation, college graduation and every big milestone in between. Through out the seven years we have been together, we made a promise to each other to always live a life full of adventure. We promised to see and explore as much of the world as we can together. A promise he and I have and plan to keep.

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how they asked

One of the first movies we had watched together was UP. Assuming you’ve seen it, the main characters met as kids and became best friends, then husband and wife. Without spoiling the movie, they promise each other a lifetime of adventure. The husbands goal is to build her a house on top of Paradise Falls – something she had always dreamed of (which is on top of really high cliffs in a place they don’t really know exists). When Matthew proposed on the Cliffs of Moher, in Ireland (similar to Paradise Falls), with a mini Adventure Book (also from the Movie) as his ring box, my heart melted! Throughout the years of being together, he is truly my favorite adventure. I am still unbelievably excited to take on a million more adventures as husband and wife.

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