Melanie and Matt

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How We Met

It started just as so many other relationships do…on a University campus. We knew of each other for three years, but it wasn’t until we had to help a mutual friend with a video project that sparks started flying. Since then, our relationship has been full of wonder and adventure. We’ve traveled abroad, spent months/miles apart, but no matter what, we’ve stayed faithful to pursuing this abundant joy we’ve found with each other.

how they asked

On January 15, 2017, Matt and I spent the day together to celebrate his 23rd birthday. He knows how much I love tree farms and that my dream is to one day run my own, so right before sunset, we climbed to the top of the farm’s hill and surrounded ourselves with the fresh air and fir trees. As we finished devotions and started our descent, Christmas lights caught my eye. It was happening, I was sure of it! Matt saw my expression and told me to take a deep breath. We stood a minute, then started walking slowly through the candle lit path to an open area in the trees. There, standing tall and bright was a grand tree decorated with candle filled mason jars, surrounded by more candles and lanterns. Matt brought me to the blanket in the center where he started to pour out his heart. Now, he’s long winded in nature and being nervous didn’t help him, so his 10 minute speech was a little hard to remember, but it didn’t matter- every word was beautiful. Finally, he got down on one knee, opened the handmade wooden box, and uttered those four perfect words, “will you marry me?” I quickly answered with a loud and clear “YES!” and we fell into a blissful embrace. The surprises didn’t end as he handed me another gift tagged, “Godfrey Tree Farm”. He told me it was the beginning of our newest adventure and as I unwrapped our “Christmas Tree Kit” I could see it; I could see my entire life with this man. Full of beauty, excitement, and best of all unfiltered, unconditional love. I think it’s safe to say it was his best birthday to date!

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