Melanie and Jordan

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Fort El Morro, San Juan Puerto Rico

How We Met

Jordan and I met at a local bar. He was a cadet at the US Coast Guard Academy, and I was a local to the town that the academy is in. We were both out with our friends. Our paths crossed, and we have been inseparable since!

how they asked

Jordan graduated from the CGA in May of 2017. His first assignment as an Officer was to a boat in San Juan PR. He had asked me prior to his graduation to move to PR to begin life with him. I agreed and made arrangements to move down to San Juan the last week of August, after completing a summer of work at a local YMCA summer camp. I arrived at San Juan late Tuesday, August 29th. On Saturday, September 2nd, I found myself back in Connecticut, having evacuated PR because of hurricane Irma. The day I was meant to return to PR, was the day that Hurricane Maria wrecked havoc on Puerto Rico. Jordan’s boat deployed for a majority of the fall; the apartment that we were so eager to fill with our love was destroyed by rainwater and eventually mold. Together, we decided that it would be best to stay apart until the island was livable.

In the midst of the aftermath of the Hurricane(s), Jordan learned that he had been accepted to the Flight School program to become a pilot, which would require moving to Pensacola Florida. We had initially hoped that his orders would have a sooner start date, rather than a later. I was able to visit PR twice more after the hurricanes, totaling 232 days apart. On my most recent trip, Jordan was adamant that we take a walk before going to dinner. My favorite place in all of San Juan and the island, is Fort El Morro, a beautiful battle fort that overlooks the ocean and the island. We made it to the fort as the sun was setting.

I love taking selfies with Jordan, and I love sunsets, so when Jordan suggested that we take a selfie together (he does not love them as much as I do) I was taken back. I snapped the photo, and in a blink of an eye, he was on one knee, with a beautiful ring in hand, asking me to spend life with him. As I looked up, I saw a photographer, a fellow coastie SO, snapping pictures on her fancy camera. Not only did my best friend ask me to marry him at the end of one very stressful period of time, but he had someone there to document the biggest, happiest moment in my life. His proposal was the breath of fresh air, and was the perfect way to end the chapter that never really happened together in PR!!

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