Melanie and Jesse

How We Met

Jesse and I met in an unconventional way. We met online. At the time our work schedules were opposite and we both didn’t get out much. My friend talked me into trying online dating and his friend encouraged it as well. I wish, I could remember what our first conversation entailed but neither of us can really recall. I had only gone on one other date, which went horribly wrong and Jesse hadn’t actually met anyone in person yet. For some reason, we clicked. The night we decided to meet it was a snowy cold night.

Which is rather unusual for Oklahoma but we decided to meet anyway. He drove to my area which was about 50 minutes from where he lived and then, of course, he got lost so it took a little longer. He finally made it to the local Chili’s we decided to meet at and SHOOK my hand. This still makes me laugh! Of course, I told him I wanted a hug and he apologized and said he wasn’t sure what to expect.

He had actually told me later on in our relationship that he told his roommate that he’d probably be back home in a couple hours because he didn’t suspect it would go well. Little did he know …. that our date would last 6 hours. We talked, laughed, shared experiences, and just clicked. It was near Christmas so I drove us through the Christmas lights and we talked some more. Neither of us really wanted the date to end but it had too for the night and the rest was sort of history. Here we are nearly 4 years later…

how they asked

Things had been kind of weird for a couple weeks and I just sensed something was going to happen. He was really adamant going on a date on a certain day and making sure I wasn’t working or anything. Not something that happens often …haha We got ready and he was taking a while in the bedroom but I did not want to ruin any surprises so I just quietly waited. I didn’t want to give myself false hope either … he drove me back to Yukon, where we had our first date and took me to see the Christmas lights.

We parked and walked to a certain spot and I was even questioning him why we were walking so fast and into the opposite direction of where the lights started. We suddenly stopped and it took me a second to figure out what was happening.

I looked down and on the ground was a written message… “Schatzi, will you marry me!” Then he got down on one knee and asked me again. Of course, I said yes!!!! Then I see flashes going off and his mother and sister had helped Jesse set it all up! It was perfect!

Special Thanks