Melanie and Jeret

Melanie said that when she first met Jeret, his funky chicken dance was irresistible. Here’s their story.

Image 1 of Melanie and Jeret

How We Met: When we first met, Jeret was wearing a argyle hat that I found very appealing. I don’t know why! And Jeret now tells me that for some reason he thought I was extremely tall and cuddly that night. We pretty much joked around and laughed all night with our friends. Nothing romantic happened between us for a while but we spent alot of time hanging out with our “posse” and a lot of time on the phone. After a few months, Jeret officially asked me to be his girlfriend and when I didn’t say yes right away (because I had kids and when you’re a mom, you don’t jump into relationships very quickly), he about panicked. He said he never would have asked me if he wasn’t sure I’d say yes! So now he tells people I said no when he first asked me out, actually I said maybe….then I said yes later that night!

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how they asked: When we got engaged we had already been together for four years. I got sick of waiting and subtle hints weren’t working so I talked to a jeweler, picked out my ring then brought Jeret in and said I want this one! He waited about four months and I was going crazy (I don’t do well with surprises). He took me to dinner at a fancy vegan restaurant because I don’t eat meat and I thought for sure he was going to ask me. But the restaurant was noisy and it started to get late, so I thought there’s no way I’m getting engaged now! I started to get a little irritated! We left the restaurant and there was a huge SUV/Limo monstrosity at the curb and Jeret very casually said “here’s your ride”.

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I, of course, didn’t believe him and kept walking. He said, “no this is for you”, and again I said “ha, ha, very funny, let’s go” and then “stop starring at it, the people inside will think your creepy.” But then the limo driver walked around and said, “hello, Mr. Stroing” and that’s when I realized he was serious and I started jumping up and down. We got in and he took me all around the city. It was a beautiful night – super clear – and at the the last stop in front of the golden gate bridge he got on his knees and asked me to be his wife. This time I said yes right away, (and I finally got the ring I picked out months before)!

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Photos by Ashley Photographer, a southern california and destination wedding photographer based in Orange County, CA.