Melanie and James


How We Met

The first time James and I met was at my birthday party in February 2012. I was celebrating my 21st birthday and James came along with his best friend, who I was also friends with. He eventually added me on Facebook, then Facebook grew to texting, and texting grew to our first date on March 30th. After that night we were both very much taken with one another. Our first date grew into hanging out as much as we could until I moved home for the summer.

I was in my last year of university during the first year of our relationship and it was great living in the same city as James while we were getting to know one another. However, the next three years of our relationship were long distance but we made it work because we both wanted the same thing- to be together.

how they asked

James proposed on the anniversary of our first date, which is March 30. We were both at work an hour apart so he had flowers delivered to me that morning with a card that said, “Here’s to a wonderful four years and many more to come.” Our schedules didn’t align to see each other that evening so I had plans with my sewing machine. Little did I know that James had something else in mind.

During the day James told me he was coming over after work to take me out for dinner. He arrived at my apartment and asked me if I could edit a work email, which is something I often do for him. So, I sat on the couch beside James, turned on my computer and started reading the email he sent. After reading the first two words I realized that it was a poem he had written. The first couple of lines were a blur at the time because I was expecting to be reading a work related email filled with technical terms about engineering, and all I saw were beautiful words of love. It kind of felt like when you take a drink thinking it’s going to be water but it turns out to be your favorite kind of juice.

James has a special way with words and one of the ways he shows love is by writing poems to express his feelings to me. As I was reading this poem I knew it was leading up to a big moment. Then I got to the last verse and it said:

“open up your mind and embrace this feeling

look me in the eyes while I’m kneeling

one last question setting the words free

will you marry ….”

I looked up from my computer and he had the ring in his hand and I said “is this real life?!” He smiled and said “yes, Melanie will you marry me?” Of course I said yes right away!

For me, the poem was a perfect representation of our entire relationship because the moment I realized I was going to be with James forever was at the beginning of our relationship and it was because he had written me a beautiful poem expressing his feelings to me.

Now, let me tell you about the amazing connection between that first poem and the engagement ring he designed for me. That first poem was put on a background that had a large white moon, shining stars, deep blue sky and a couple’s silhouettes in the moonlight. James, not realizing the connection at the time, had chosen to make the moonstone the focal point of my ring. On either side of the moonstone there are sapphires and beside each sapphire there are four white diamonds on the side of the ring. The ring is a complete reflection of that first poem. This is the best example of meant to be and every time I look at my ring I am reminded of all the poems James has written for me, starting with the very first one.


After we got engaged we decided to capture this special moment with a Polaroid picture. We save them for special occasions because James says, “we should write the date on them so we can look back when we get older and remember these times.”


I’ll put the poem next to this picture and forever remember how James’ romantic gestures in the beginning of our relationship are forever connected to how they asked me to be his wife.


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