Melanie and Israel

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Israel and I have had a special eye for each other since we were chubby 6 year old neighbors. We have been best friends all our lives and finally started seriously dating my freshman year of college.This year, his 24th birthday was coming up and I thought it would be a grand idea to throw him a big surprise party. I planned a gathering with all his friends and family to show up at his home. Little did I know, this was apart of his plan all along. He wanted to make me think I was throwing him a surprise party to distract me from the real agenda. After his birthday dinner, we were walking back to the house and I was expecting to open the door with a big crowd of people screaming “surprise!” for him. Instead, I opened the door… and rose pedals and candles filled the room. Pictures of our childhood and years of dating hung beautifully along the entrance pathway. Our song (since we were 15) was playing softly in the background. I stopped breathing. I don’t remember what he said, but I know it was perfect. The moment I said YES, a flood of friends and family came running from the other room for an instant celebration!

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Special Thanks

Sam Perez
 | Photographer