Melanie and Harrison

How We Met

We met almost two years ago through mutual friends. Our friends agreed we had similar personalities and would just click. We started out just talking on the phone for two weeks. I knew then we had similar goals, morals, and personalities. Finally, two weeks later we went on our first date and it was history from there. We quickly fell in love and we just knew we were soul mates.

Image 1 of Melanie and Harrison

how they asked

On October 10, Harrison and I planned to go to the Blue Ridge Parkway and have lunch in Blowing Rock, NC. Of course I was excited because I love the mountains especially in the fall. Harrison told me he wanted to take pictures of his car which wasn’t unusual because his car is his most prized possession. Anyways, we had a great day walking around town and sight seeing. Finally, he said we needed to head back to get back to our dog. He said we could take pics of the car on the way home. He found a place to park and started taking pictures. Randomly, he asked if I noticed the flat tire. By the time I checked it out, he kneeled down and popped the questions. Good news! No flat tire and I said yes! I was so shocked and excited I didn’t know what to say. (As you can tell in the video) My ring is beautiful and he did so well planning. He even had a champagne toast after he asked. When we got home, his colleagues had dinner and a cake waiting on us. Best day of our lives!

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