Melanie and Harris

How We Met

I was living in Scottsdale, Arizona when a new friend of mine invited me to join him and some of his friends at a bar on Labor Day. Everyone had been partying and it was starting to die down. I sat next to Harris. We started chatting and I learned he was from the east coast, like me. One Point. Then I learned he was Jewish. Another point for Harris. We were having a great time getting to know each other, but it had been a long day of bar-hopping, so it was time to go home for me. When I announced that I was throwing in the towel, Harris offered to walk me home. We exchanged numbers and a hug. The next morning, the friend I had originally met up with texted me and said “Do you know the dynamic of last night?!” I responded with “No?!” He then continued to tell me that Harris was actually on a Bumble Date with the girl sitting across from him. When I showed up, and we started to hit it off…the tides turned. Thankfully, I was oblivious to this because Girl Power all the way! The irony is that I had been hardcore dating for 3 years leading up to that moment, on every dating app, and at the end of the journey, I met my fiancee IRL…but Bumble still made its way into our story.

How They Asked

3 weeks before my birthday, my mom called me and told me that she won a raffle prize at a charity event and she wants to give it to me and Harris as a birthday present. I thought heck yes! It’s going to be concert tickets or a fun hotel stay…but then she continued with “It’s a VIP history tour of the iconic Hotel Del Coronado.” I can appreciate history and all…but I did not need an intimate, 2 on 1 history tour of a hotel I frequently visit.

I told my mom “I don’t want that..give it to someone who would actually appreciate it.” An hour later my dad texted me – “Mom came home really upset that you didn’t want the very expensive and very VIP history tour. To make her happy, tell her you had a change of heart.” I couldn’t understand why I was being forced to attend this history tour, but I called Harris and asked him to come with me.

Proposal Ideas Hotel del Coronado

On June 1st, we arrived at the Hotel Del Coronado and checked in for our tour. We walked around to the different historic ballrooms and looked at old photos. I was sneaking eye rolls at Harris thinking “I can’t believe this is an entire hour.” Then, the tour guide said “Now, it’s time for what makes this tour VIP. We are going up into the turret of the hotel which is the original architecture from the 1800’s so it’s old and narrow.” Since this is a restricted part of the hotel, security had to come let us in and Harris continued up the tiny wooden spiral staircase. Then, as I walked up the spiral steps, a familiar song came on. It was the song we said we would dance to at our wedding one day. When I got to the top of the stairs, there was Harris. Down on one knee, rose petals covering the ground, champagne in ice, and 50 photos of us, strung throughout the ceiling, with handwritten captions on each one. He made a beautiful speech and I said “yes.”

Melanie and Harris's Engagement in Hotel del Coronado

The photographer clicked away, and we had an entire photoshoot on the beach. It was time to head to my parents to continue the photoshoot and celebrations. When we pulled up to my parent’s house in San Diego, Harris’s entire family was on the front lawn, flown in from Boston, cheering us on. It was a day of epic trickery, love, and celebration.

Special Thanks

Lindsay Kreighbaum
 | Photographer