Melanie and Corey

How We Met

We met at a bar one night in our hometown through mutual friends – at the end of the night I was walking out, and he yelled across the bar that he forgot to ask me for my number, so I shouted it back at him thinking there was no way he actually got all of the numbers. Well a few minutes later my phone lit up with a text, and we’ve been together since.

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how they asked

For months Corey was telling me about this CEO he met at a conference, and the potential job opportunity he had in Fort Myers for Corey. So while down there on my family vacation, Corey set up a dinner with this CEO and his wife – I did my research on homes and this guy’s career and everything! – well, on the way to dinner he wanted to walk on the beach, it was his first time in Fort Myers, so I just shrugged it off. We turned the corner into a grassed area along the beach my siblings and I had taken all of our portraits growing up, and ran smack into his parents (he flew them down for the proposal) and my whole family waiting in the bushes. I was jaw to the ground, and he had to grab both my hands to get my attention- I cried the entire time just nodding my head, my dad had to ask, “so is that a yes?”.

The kicker? Corey had never met that CEO before, and had used him for the proposal all along! I sent him a thank you letter a few weeks later for his unknowing participation in the best day of my life!

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