Melanie and Colin

How We Met

Colin and I met in high school when we were 16 years old. We dated for a short period of time, it was lots of fun but we were so young and I don’t think either of us was ready for a serious relationship, so we parted ways.

Fast-forward 7 years, just before my 23rd birthday – I saw Colin standing with a group of people at one of the local bars in our hometown. He looked SO different, no longer the skater boy/punk I knew in high school. Now he had muscles, big muscles and was wearing a Chevy t-shirt and backward hat. I was toast. I walked up, grabbed his biceps and asked him “HEY! Where did these come from?”. Clearly, this sparked his full attention and somehow, 7 years felt like 7 minutes since we had last been together. We spent the entire night with each other laughing, dancing, just having a great time. When the night was over I thought to myself, wow that was really, really fun… but I honestly didn’t think id hear from him again. Boy was I wrong! He reached out persistently for the next 2 weeks to see me again until I finally caved and agreed to hang out. That night, we sat on his couch and talked until the sun rose and birds were singing good morning. I think we both knew at that moment that something amazing was about to unfold. We spent every waking minute together from that moment on, and now 4 years later we’re living together in our little Gingerbread house, engaged to be married. Wow.

Colin has said since day 1 that he knew I was the one for him, even at 16 years old, he swears he knew. I didn’t believe him back then, but today, I look back on that young naïve girl and smile… if she only knew.

How They Asked

In early January we began planning a trip to Western Canada. I had never been to Alberta or BC, but Colin had lived there for a while (he has family on the West Coast) so he really wanted to take me and share in all of the rocky mountain beauty. We planned the trip for sweet summertime, June to be exact, so we could celebrate our 4-year anniversary. I was hoping something special might happen on this trip, but with all of the expenses we had been running into earlier in the year, I didn’t want to be let down, so I went into the trip with zero expectations. If you’ve never been to the West Coast of Canada, drop everything you’re doing right now and book a plane ticket. It is breathtaking out there. Every direction you turn in is blessed with jaw-dropping views of natural spring waterfalls, towering mountains, and lakes with the bluest water you’ll ever lay eyes on. I cried. A lot. A few days into our trip we decided to spoil ourselves a bit and spend a night at Emerald Lake Lodge, in Field BC. On this particular day, we woke up to a colder mountain morning so I decided I’d wear my red plaid flannel. When I came out of the bathroom after getting ready I found that Colin too had changed into his red plaid flannel. We looked at each other and laughed. “I’m not changing” – “neither am I!”. We’re both incredibly stubborn, so we really meant it. And so began the story of how we ended up in matching outfits for our engagement. Hilarious and ridiculous, tied up in a bow.

Our room had a view of the lake and mountains, it was to die for… so of course when we got to our room and Colin suggested we set up the camera to get a photo together in front of the stunning view, I said yes without hesitation. This is when he started acting really funny. One thing you should know about Colin is that he is a man who is very easy to please, so typically when it comes to taking a photo a standard selfie would do just fine. Not at this moment though! Colin started rearranging furniture, stacking tables and chairs to place the camera at the “perfect height”, asking me to stand and pose so he could make sure the lighting was just right. It was absolutely hilarious and so unlike him.

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My stomach was doing summersaults. Once he found the perfect placement, he “pressed the timer” and ran over to pose beside me. After about 30 seconds of posing I asked Colin “Do you think we’re good”? and that’s when he turned to me, looked into my eyes and spoke the sweetest words about how great we are as a team, dropped to one knee and asked me to spend forever by his side.

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I was so excited and really wanted to make sure I was taking in the full moment that I completely stopped listening to what he was saying! Luckily he had actually put the camera on video mode, so by now (after watching the video hundreds of times) I have his speech memorized. I feel so grateful to love a man who put so much thought and effort into our proposal. It’s so special that we are able to relive that moment any time we want. We can’t wait for our special day. Colin, I love you so much… Who would have known?