Melanie and Christopher

How We Met

Long story short— he slid into my DM. He started following me on Instagram and messaged me. After a few messages back and forth it turned out he knew my cousin and his brother went to school with him. He ended up being familiar with a lot of my friends and family. We first met in person on Canada day. & the rest is history(:

how they asked

We’re both into magic & he knew how much I wanted to experience the street magic, especially in Las Vegas. Our first night in Vegas we went to go see the Bellagio Fountain because their fountain shows are outstanding! After the first showing, a magician comes out of nowhere to set up his table and of course I wasn’t going to pass up street magic!

Where to Propose in At the Bellagio Fountain in Las Vegas

So we stayed for the performance. By the third magic trick the magician pulls out his prediction of which card I chose. He hands it to Chris first to see the card, which he then shows the camera first before passing it to me. As I flip the card over and read the words “Will You Marry Me?” He gets down on his knee and pulls out a ring!