Melanie and Chanil

Where to Propose in FiftyKay Orchids - Waters Edge Hotel, Sri Lanka

How They Asked

It was supposed to be my birthday the following week and was planning to go abroad with a couple of friends. So my fiancé suggested we do a pre birthday dinner and didn’t tell me where we were going. He only said to dress up a bit. He had organized my nails to get done through my best friends and even visited my mom to get her blessing. I’m a treat lover and I always hinted at him that the proposal must have lots of greenery and lights!

So we go for dinner at this beautiful garden with a glass box where we had a 10-course meal which he had customized according to my likings! The box had a table with rose petals on it and some flowers and candles which was absolutely beautiful. This particular restaurant place is very new and it supposedly has 50k different orchids! We were the only people there!

While we were having dinner, he gave me a huge flower bouquet and just before dessert they brought in a small cake and sang happy birthday. After the dinner he suggested we go for a walk around the garden and while we were shown around I heard some music playing and he whispered into my ear “do you recognize the song?” It was one of our favorite love songs and it was played by a violinist which was beautiful! As we walked towards it I see this wooden framed gazebo decorated with fairy lights and some pictures of us hanging from the top. As we go there he holds my hands and said some beautiful things which made me cry (and he was shaking and tearing) and said he had a question to ask me!

Rest is history and the ring was exactly what I wanted! After I kiss and hug him I turn around and I see our families and friends standing right behind us with some sparklers! It was lovely to have all our loved ones to witness such a magical moment! I was also given a ring to put on Him and it was his grandfather’s.

Melanie and Chanil's Engagement in FiftyKay Orchids - Waters Edge Hotel, Sri Lanka

Marriage Proposal Ideas in FiftyKay Orchids - Waters Edge Hotel, Sri Lanka

Melanie's Proposal in FiftyKay Orchids - Waters Edge Hotel, Sri Lanka

I was so surprised and blown away and I thought it was the most magical moment in my life!

Special Thanks

Himantha and Shamara (the couple’s best friends)
 | They helped coordinate the entire event!