Melanie and Caleb

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How We Met

Caleb and I met at the restaurant I work at in Santa Monica. He and his (then) roommate came in for lunch and I was their server out on our sunny patio. His roommate wanted a specific beer but explained he knew it normally comes in a smaller glass and he wanted a big glass of beer so I suggested he try our newest beer (which I was certain came in a big glass) instead and he entertained the idea. Well, his beer came.. in a small glass. I ended up getting him that one and the beer he originally wanted on the house, figuring two small glasses of beer made for one big glass and we all had a good laugh about it. Caleb left his number and I left it in my server book which I always kept in my car. Every day I went to work, I’d open up my sever book to see his number written on a tiny piece of paper.

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So I finally texted him one day before I started work, and 5 years later, here we are. What’s unique about our relationship is how different we are, but somehow manage to make it work. Although we certainly have some similarities, our personalities are very different. I’m neurotically organized and he leaves his dishes in the sink. He is brutally honest, and I can be quite passive-aggressive. But we complement each other and help one another to be better people at the end of the day. We love to spend time with our family and friends together. Nothing brought me more happiness than being surrounded by the people we love. We also love to eat GOOD FOOD (who doesn’t?!) while trying to find the best place for a great cocktail. Nothing beats a good old fashioned with a hand-carved ice cube. We share everything so we get half of two different meals anytime we go out. Can’t get much better than that.

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How They Asked

I woke up one Friday morning to a knock on the door. When I answered it, I was greeted with a huge bouquet of my favorite flowers and a little card with the words “clue #1” and directions to a nail salon so I could get myself a fresh mani-pedi on my man. Mid-pampering, I revived another identical card with the next clue to go to our favorite massage place so I could continue with the full package pampering. After my massage, I got handed my last clue which said I would have some time to get ready and that a car was coming to pick me up and directions where to meet Caleb on the beach in Santa Monica. By this time, I was well aware of what was going on and I walked outside to find it was POURING RAIN!!

I was driven to the beach and on the way, the rain magically stopped so I wasn’t so worried about my hair being ruined (thank goodness). I walked out to the location Caleb mapped out on the last clue to find him with a blanket and a bottle of champagne and he proceeded to get down on one knee and ask me the question which made me the happiest girl on earth. We came home and as I walked into our apartment, I almost had a heart attack when I was surprised with my family and his (who flew in all the way from Sweden).

The absolute best surprise ever. He told me he made dinner reservations for us at the restaurant I worked at (and also the place where we first met) and I couldn’t be more thrilled to show off my new bling to all my coworkers. When I got there, I walked up the stairs to the intimate mezzanine to yet another surprise.

Caleb had planned an engagement party with all of our friends to celebrate our big day. It was the icing on the cake and the perfect end to the most perfect day. We celebrated with our closest friends and family and drank our weight in champagne while I rocked my new rock and my new fiancé.

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