Melanie and Blake

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How We Met

This story begins many years ago while Blake and Melanie attended Middle School. Blake first noticed Melanie while waiting for the buses near the end of a long, tiring day of learning. The first thing Blake noticed about Melanie was the fact that she had greenish-blonde hair from the chlorine of a swimming pool. Blake saw this and at that moment, knew she was special. Blake probably spoke to Melanie on this day, but in the way that 6th-grade boys talk/act, Melanie probably felt awkwardly shy and caught off guard by this dashing young boy asking about her choice of hair color in a brash and abrupt way.

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Fast forward through many awkward years of Blake’s long hair and Melanie’s quietness, the two had their paths cross directly Junior year of High School when they were assigned to be library aides together. Melanie probably walked in the first day and gasped at the annoying fact that she was paired with the loud obnoxious boy who had ridiculed her hair so many years ago. Blake saw Melanie and assumed he could make it the entire year without talking to her as he had the past few years. But alas, the library was very big and there were many things to do. When Blake wasn’t skipping and was present in the library, the two were often paired together to accomplish tasks throughout the library which required them to converse. Blake quickly realized how funny Melanie could be (he also realized how cute she was). Over the course of Junior year, the two became great friends and set the foundation for their present-day relationship.

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Blake and Melanie went their separate ways after High School and observed the other from afar by way of social media. After Blake had bruised his ankle enough from kicking himself for not asking Melanie on a date sooner in life, he finally reached out and asked if she would like to hang out. Melanie received the invitation and weighed her options of hanging out with the still slightly loud and sarcastic boy she’d known so long ago. Blake then mentioned he had a dog (Bo) and the date was set for May 8th, 2016, in Wetumpka. What was originally planned for a couple hour hangout lasted for many more and into the early morning at Gold Star Park. Taco Bell provided the concessions and Bo had tuckered out quietly under the picnic table. Just before leaving, another time to hang out was planned.

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how they asked

By the second month of dating, Blake knew she was the one. In early 2017, Blake purchased a ring on a trip to Texas and then hid it in a safe and continued on through life waiting for the right moment. After Melanie finished graduate school Blake figured they weren’t getting any younger, and that he should finally step his game up. Blake sat down with Melanie’s father and asked for his blessing. On May 8, 2017, a year after they first hung out, Blake took Melanie to the highest point in Alabama, where he and Bo asked her to marry him. Melanie placed both hands on her face and replied with “No” in disbelief. She then responded to the actual question and said “Yes.” Blake then took the relaxed road while Melanie began wedding planning.

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