Melanie and Archie

Where to Propose in Aruba

How We Met

It’s a long story, but It all began about 18 years ago in our fourth-grade homeroom class. I was a new student that year, and I still remember walking into the classroom and noticing a cute boy named Archie with a sweet bowl haircut playing with a friend at the classroom whiteboard. Over the years, our friendship grew. We played games at recess, listened to music together at the back of the bus during field trips, and even starred in two school musicals together. After elementary and middle school we went to two rival high schools, but despite moving to different schools we still tried to hang out as much as possible and eventually started dating the summer before our senior year. Even though we decided to go our separate ways during college, we still continued to be friends and would occasionally meet up to grab coffee or lunch and catch up on each other’s lives. One weekend during our senior year of college, we decided to go up to Keystone to do one of our favorite activities, skiing! On our drive home, Archie “forgot” my exit so we could continue spending time together, but I didn’t mind. We started dating again shortly after, despite the fact that Archie was leaving to teach ski school in Beaver Creek and I was moving to San Francisco to pursue a career in Architecture. After several months of dating long-distance, Archie decided to join me in the Bay Area. We rented an apartment in Oakland, and eventually adopted a goofy puppy from Taiwan. After almost three years in the Bay, we decided it was time to move back to Colorado so we could buy a home, and adopt another rambunctious puppy!

How They Asked

In October of 2018, Archie and I went on a trip to Aruba to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! We stayed at a beautiful resort on the beach, and on our first day exploring the hotel we noticed that one of their restaurants offered candlelit dinners on the beach every night so we made a reservation for the next night. That day we were out and about on a catamaran sailing tour that went overtime so we were late getting back to the resort in time for dinner. I did not want to miss our beach dinner reservation so I rushed around the hotel room frantically getting ready, but Archie was taking his time in the bathroom and I impatiently knocked on the door several times to tell him we needed to get a move on so we didn’t miss our reservation.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Aruba

Little did I know that he was planning on proposing and was nervously trying to fit the oversized custom rig box in his pocket with no luck. In a panic, he put the ring box in his belt praying that it wouldn’t fall out and that I would notice the box as he stood awkwardly in the elevator trying to hide it. When we finally arrived at the restaurant, the most beautiful sunset we had ever seen was painted across the sky. Once we were seated, Archie couldn’t wait any longer, so he pulled the ring box out of his belt and asked me to marry him at our table on the beach. Archie hadn’t planned for a photographer to be there during the proposal, but luckily a wonderful couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary was sitting at the table behind us. The wife took some candid photographs of us and sent two glasses of champagne to our table to celebrate!