Melanie and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met in elementary school at Epiphany in 2000! We met because of my dear friend and his cousin, Denise. Denise’s mom is friends with my mom and introduced us all to the Violan family. That’s when I found out Denise had this cute older cousin who liked to watch South Park and play the Sims. Because of all the ballroom dancing our parents did together, Andrew and I hung out a lot as kids. I remember him being very goofy and friendly. We played Sorry! a lot and watched TV. Playing games and watching TV. A lot of what we do now.

We stayed friends over the years by chatting on AIM but lost touch later. In 2007, I decided to message Andrew on AIM to rekindle our old friendship and little did I know, it would blossom into this almost 9 year relationship. It was a beautiful surprise to find out the guy I had a crush on at 13 would be the man I marry. I will always treasure our childhood crush days but I am more excited for our wonderful future to come.

how they asked

After a surprise trip to Downtown Disney, I was sent on a scavenger trip. I received 12 roses each from two friends passing it to me with a message on each rose about why he loved me. After receiving all the roses, I was brought to this large grassy area where a crowd had gathered because people were carrying signs. The first letter of each sign spelled out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” The signs also listed reasons why he loves me but the surprise there was that two people held each sign.

Each person holding the sign was someone that flew out to Anaheim just to be at the proposal. There were 14 signs so 28 people flew out to come. The last signs were held by my parents who surprised me because I had just spoken with them an hour before and they said they were home! I had to read each sign out loud. At the sight of my parents, I cried even harder. They hugged me and turned me around to my fiancé. He told me he got me something special. He asked and i said YES! Best moment of my life!

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