Melanie and Andrew

how we met

Andrew and I met online using the Hinge app. At the time, the app used your mutual Facebook friends to match you to potential dates. Our “hinge” was my cousin’s best friend from college. I had gotten to know him over the years from hanging around my cousin and Andrew played basketball with him on a local rec team. Knowing this mutual friend was one of the most genuine people we’ve ever met, we took the chance knowing if we had him in common, there could potentially be something between us.

how they asked

My parents have a cabin on Moosehead Lake in Maine that we all love to visit. It’s tucked away in the woods, right on the lake, surrounded by mountains and wilderness. We had gone up for a 3 day weekend away in November and lost power as soon as we arrived due to a wicked wind storm. At this point, we had talked about getting married enough that I always had a suspicion if we went away that “maybe this was the weekend”. That feeling was quickly squashed, though, when he asked my help with digging through his duffle bag looking for our headlamps. I figured he wouldn’t have me go through his stuff if he had something to hide.The weather finally cleared enough for us to hike one of the local mountains. It was opening weekend for hunters, so we headed out with our matching blaze orange hats and very colorful fleece jackets. We were a sight to see…We didn’t see anyone the whole time we were on the mountain and it was really cool to feel like we had the entire trail to ourselves. We reached the summit and looked out over Moosehead, with Katahdin in the distance, and settled in for our picnic lunch. We were attempting to take a selfie of ourselves when we started to hear voices. I couldn’t believe that we’d been alone all day until now! With the addition of the new couple, we thought we’d take advantage and asked them to take our picture. When she went to hand back the phone, Andrew asked her if she wouldn’t mind taking one more. He got down on one knee at the top of the mountain and proposed! The best part was, our fellow hiker was a quick thinker and took a video of the moment for us instead! We hiked back down, found a place with cell service, and started calling our families. We went back to our favorite little cabin (that still didn’t have power) for our first dinner as an engaged couple.

Special Thanks