Mekina and Nick

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How We Met

The short story: Instagram.

The long story: In February of 2019, my friend Paige and I decided to play a blind date game. We joined Bumble and I had all my photos of her and she had them of me. In the text, we explained that we were setting one another up and it would be a complete blind date for the other.

I proceeded to go on FIVE of the WORST dates of my life. Someone made me a rose while they were in the bathroom… like made out of toilet paper. That’s not even the worst one.

By May we were pretty over it and ended our accounts.

I remember her telling me about a guy that had reached out in April but he was going to California and wouldn’t be back and would connect when he was back. We canceled our accounts without a second thought and took some time off dating.

Right before going on a Missions trip to Guatemala, I was telling Paige and my best friend, Amy that I just need a guy that would pursue me. Someone who owns their own business, since I own my own business, and someone who is up for an adventure.

I returned from Guatemala after a woman there said God was preparing my husband. (Very crazy experience). Three days later I had a random message from Nick. He wrote, “I know this is random and I’m still confused on who I was actually going on a date with but I own my own business and live in Morristown and you own your own business and live in Morristown and I think we’d hit it off. I’m wondering if you’d want to grab a drink sometime.”

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Now knowing Nick this is COMPLETELY out of his character. He has literally never reached out to anyone on Instagram and barely goes on. He also waited two weeks before reaching out and he didn’t know my name. He had to research through my friend, Paige’s Instagram to find me tagged in the photos.

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A week later on Monday, August 12th we met for drinks in Morristown.

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How They Asked

My best friend Amy was planning to come over for a workday and a content photo swap (we’re both photographers). To be honest, I wondered if the day before would be the day… but, I also had been wondering that, each day for the last 5 months. 😂

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Nick left to go get a supposed haircut and I even tried to spy and see if they were conspiring. From what I could tell absolutely NOTHING was happening and we were about to embark on a very productive workday. When Amy got to the house I started in on how annoyed I was that it was December 10th already… “WE’RE IN DOUBLE DIGITS! Like seriously!?! Nick needs to get it together!” She was acting … too nice, normally she would say, “DUDE get over it, it’s gotta be happening soon!” (We all have those friends right?) Instead, she just listened and shook her head up and down. Apparently, she was trying to mask a laugh behind her chai latte. Rude.

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I finished curling my hair and she said she needed help with getting something from her car. We went downstairs and right on the porch was a sign and some blue hydrangeas. I’ve never bolted up the stairs so fast. I changed and went back downstairs and started reading the sign and open the first clue. I was going on a scavenger hunt with my best friend to find my FUTURE FIANCÉ!

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The first clue had us going to the Christmas tree farm where Nick and I picked our own Christmas tree. 😍 We found the next clue, a decoder, added more flowers to my ever-growing bouquet, and headed to the next location. It brought us to a local deli. Once we got there I added more flowers and opened the next clue. Which took us to Cherry street. At the top was the final clue.

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We walked a trail and up to Fort Nonsense, which overlooks all of Morristown. The town where we met and fell in love. We spend some of our first dates up at Fort Nonsense and it felt like a full circle. The anticipation grew, and I gotta be honest I really thought I wouldn’t get emotional. Nick was waiting with an even larger bouquet of blue hydrangeas and I immediately started crying. We hugged and kissed and tears streamed down both our faces. Nick got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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I said yes! We took some celebratory photos with my best friend and Nick and I headed to Cedar Lakes Estate for a Prpopsal getaway trip.

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