Mehry and Kyle

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How We Met

I grew up in a small suburban town of Boston. In a sea of Kate’s, Christine’s, and Rachel’s, I was Mehry. The girl with the weird name that no one could pronounce. I could go on and talk about how I was bullied in middle school for being middle-eastern during the 9/11 era and feel sorry for myself but this is about my love story, so I’ll keep it positive. Case in point, I wanted a new start. I didn’t want to go into 4 years of high school with the same people who caused me so many tears. I applied to a private high school 20 miles away for my freshman year. I was wait listed. Devastated by it (and with no other options), I attended my public high school. My mom encouraged me to reapply for my sophomore year. When I received my acceptance letter that spring I couldn’t believe it. I was finally getting the new start I so desperately wanted. In the fall of 2005, I started at my new high school. I joined the cheer-leading team, made new friends, and was having the time of my life.

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I finally felt like people were starting to accept me for who I was. One day I entered into my World History Class and took my seat. The teacher who happened to be the school football coach loved to mess around with all the football players in my class, especially this one kid Kyle. Kyle sat directly behind me was quite the comic. They would go back and forth messing with each other making the whole class roar in laughter at times. Sometimes their all-in-good-fun bantering would get so intense, Kyle would accidentally push my desk into the front of the room with his feet (and I was in the front row to start). When I turned around to be like “hey dude, cut it”, our eyes met and I instantly felt a rush of adrenaline and a flurry of butterflies in my stomach. I was always a sucker for blonde hair and blue eyes.You know, the Tom Brady, Jake Gyllenhaal kind of vibe? His eyes were the most vibrant hue of blue I had ever seen. From the first moment I looked into his eyes, I got lost in them. 12 years later, I still do.

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how they asked

Kyle and I graduated from high school, went to the same college, got big girl and big boy jobs, lived in a couple of apartments, bought a house, adopted 2 cats, started our own successful small businesses, and lived our lives always on the same wavelength. After about year 10, I started wondering if he was ever going to propose. In September of 2016, we decided to take a road trip to Canada. We had been saving for a big trip to Europe the following year so we wanted to do a mini vacation to hold us over and spend some quality time together. The morning we were leaving, I threw on my road trip attire (including a sweatshirt that said “Banana Split”), packed up the car, and headed north. I was driving and he was my co-pilot so he was completely in charge of the GPS. “Take this exit” he said.

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After driving off that exit for 45 minutes, he told me to slow down and park the car. As I got out I looked to my left and saw this long covered bridge stretching over a very wide river. He grabbed my hand and brought me to the bridge. “This is the longest covered bridge in the country” he said. Before I knew it he got down on 1 knee and told me that he wanted to marry the person who’s loved him the longest. He opened the box and in front of me was the most dazzling sapphire engagement ring. To this day it was the most magical moment of my life that I got to share with the person who I spent 11 years growing up with. And It all happened while wearing a banana split sweatshirt.