Meghan and Zach


How We Met

Zach and I met during our junior year at University of Michigan (Go Blue!). My sorority sister was dating Zach’s roommate and she invited a few people over to the boys’ apartment for mimosas before the first football game of 2012. I’m not one to turn down mimosas on a football Saturday so my best friend and I headed over. Zach and I talked for a bit about random things and then eventually went our separate ways to different tailgates. A week or so later that same sorority sister decided she wanted to set Zach up with someone for our first date party of the year. Barn Dance is my personal favorite date party, everyone wears flannel instead of fancy dresses there’s lots of warm apple cider, bonfires, and line dancing. She decided to set Zach and I up as dates, so she told me he thought I was cute and told him I thought he was cute. I mean this girl is a true matchmaker. She even set up a movie night for herself, her boyfriend, another friend, Zach and I so we could all get to know each other. After hanging out and watching the movie Zach offered to walk me home. Little did I know this had actually been planned before I got there, his roommate offered to walk the other 2 girls home so Zach and I could have some alone time. On the way to my apartment we bonded over our love for dogs and he told me about his labrador Maggie. He said he got her as a Christmas present when she was a puppy complete with a red bow around her neck, I was hooked. When we got to my place he asked for my number and headed home. He waited three whole days before he called, not texted, me. I thought he hit my number on accident since I’m so used to texting but apparently he did it on purpose and asked me on our first official date and the rest is history.

how they asked

As I said Zach and I love dogs so as soon as we graduated and started looking for apartments together I knew we had to find a place that allowed pets. After several months of checking out the dogs at the humane society every day we finally decided we were ready to adopt. To celebrate our second anniversary we adopted Ginger a seven year old beagle lab mix who loves to cuddle. Since we brought Ginger home one of our favorite things to do is take her to Gallup Park in Ann Arbor for walks around the Huron River. We usually go pretty early in the morning before it gets too hot and walk all around to really tire her out. So when Zach suggested we take Ginger to the park over Memorial Day weekend I thought nothing of it. The weather looked great and we had both been pretty busy so I was excited for the three of us to spend some time together. We got up early and headed to Ann Arbor. After walking for a bit we got to one of our favorite spots by the water where I always make Zach stop so we can take pictures with Ginger. This time Zach was the one who suggested we stop and go over by the water for what I assumed would be a picture like usual. As I was looking out at the water Zach said my name and then told me he had to ask me something. Then he got down on one knee and said what I imagine was some wonderful things about us but I was so overwhelmed and I may have been crying. As soon as he asked me to marry him I yelled yes and pulled him up. I didn’t even look at the (amazing) ring he put on my finger I was too excited to kiss my new fiancé. Ginger spent most of this time distracted by the ducks but I think she was excited too. After sitting down for a few minutes and properly admiring my gorgeous ring we finished our walk, headed home and called our families and friends! Turns out my parents had known for a whole week and somehow my mom didn’t say a word. Later that day I made reservations for us at the same restaurant where we had our first date almost four years ago. I mentioned in passing to my mom that we were headed there that evening. When we sat down at dinner our waitress came over with two glasses of champagne! My mom had called the restaurant all the way from Maryland to surprise us with drinks and dessert. It was the perfect end to the best day of my life!