Meghan and Thomas

Image 1 of Meghan and ThomasHow We Met: We met on St. Patrick’s Day of 2011. I was out celebrating after work with several of my colleagues, and one of them had invited her friends from college to meet up with us. St. Patrick’s Day is during one of my favorite times of year; March Madness. I’m a huge college basketball fan, especially because I went to the University of Kansas (ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK!). One of coworkers, Sarah, introduced me to her two friends from college, Luke and Tom (my future fiance). We spent the entire night talking about basketball and made plans to watch games together in the future. Tom and I ended up spending 3 evenings over the coming week watching basketball and drinking beer, until he finally got up the nerve to ask me on a proper date! Filling out brackets and watching the tournament is still one of our favorite things to do, 4 years later!

how they asked: Tom told me we had a gallery show to go to that our friends were showing at (something we go to rather often). It was the end of teacher’s appreciation weekend, and I had a rough week with my kiddos. I met up with Tom before the show, and we walked over together. We walked into the gallery and I just started socializing with everyone, as I seemed to know most everyone at the opening. I spent about 30 minutes socializing and I didn’t even have a chance to look at the art. Eventually, Tom told me there were some pieces I would be interested in in the back of the gallery.

I followed him, and there were 2 abstract portraits on the wall, which resembled he and I. He shrugged it off and told me the main piece he wanted me to see was behind me. I turned around and there was a large white canvas with a big question mark and a blank line. He asked me to read the title of the piece and it was called “Will You?” When I turned to look back at him, he was on 1 knee with the ring and was busy asking me to marry him! I was in complete shock.

Meanwhile, our closest friends were there for the entire thing, and one of them was even videoing the entire thing (I thought he was just videoing the gallery event). Then, Tom surprised me by telling me that both of our families, his from NH, mine from CA, would be walking in the door any minute! I was beyond ecstatic!

Image 2 of Meghan and Thomas

The final surprise was the fact that the gallery show was a very special show. Every piece in the gallery had been created by one of our friends, specifically for us. Tom had given out 13 project descriptions to our friends that detailed special events in our relationship or qualities about us, and they created unique pieces just for us! Needless to say, this was far and above anything I could have ever imagined. I absolutely feel like the luckiest and most loved girl in the entire world!

Image 3 of Meghan and Thomas