Meghan and Tanner

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How We Met

I met Tanner when I was a senior in high school (he was a junior). He came up to me at open house to talk to me because we had been talking a little over text messaging and facebook, but I pretty much ignored him all night and decided to spend time with my friends instead. Shortly after school started we began to hang out and get to know each other better. We started dating not long after we met, but half way through the school year things got rocky and I decided to end my relationship with him and focus intently on my relationship with God… It was tough because I had loved Tanner from the moment we started dating, but I knew neither of us were ready for a serious relationship.

Six months later I realized I hadn’t stopped loving Tanner and I could not get him out of my head. I had left for college and he was two hours away from me but I shortly found out there had been a huge change in his life. Thanks to the many people who prayed for us, our lives had been radically changed by the gospel and we were’t even aware of the change in each others lives at the time. We slowly started talking again and I found myself to be even more in love with him than before. In September 2012 he asked me to be his girlfriend and of course I said YES! Ever since that day we have always cherished the verse Romans 8:28 because it has been so evident in our lives.

when we met

how they asked

Fast forward to August 28, 2016. It was Sunday morning and I had just gotten ready for church. Tanner had planned to pick me up and drive us to church and then later we had planned to go somewhere on our bucket list (it was a surprise so I didn’t know which place he had chosen to take me this time). I had just gotten a dress at target in the clearance section for $9 and I was so excited to wear it for church that morning. I decided to pack a change of clothes just in case we got to our destination and the dress was too much for wherever we were. So, we went to church and then we left for our little road trip — little did I know that it was actually almost a four hour drive.

Tanner made me lay my chair back in the car so I couldn’t see where we were going and it drove me crazy because I like to be in control and have everything planned out… On our way up the mountain it started to pour down rain, but that was fine with me because I’ve always enjoyed the rain; however, when we arrived and put the car in park it completely stopped raining. At that point I had pretty much figured out where we were because the surroundings reminded me of the Chapel on our bucket list, but I had no clue what was about to happen. Luckily there was only one car there but I didn’t see anyone walking around so I thought it might be a maintenance vehicle.  As we were walking in Tanner stopped to take a picture of me and then we headed inside. I immediately took in how beautiful everything was… it was honestly the prettiest place I had ever been to.

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Tanner motioned me down towards the front of the chapel towards the cross so we could get a better view of things. I noticed a bible laying at the cross, but it didn’t really cross my mind that it might be there for us!! He pointed at the bible and I realized that Romans 8:28 was highlighted and I began to realize what was happening. After pouring out his heart to me, he reached behind the cross and pulled out a box and got down on one knee where he asked me to marry him!!!!

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After taking some more pictures we headed back home to my house to show my family the ring.

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When we arrived back at my house there were tons of cars in the driveway. He had planned a party for us afterwards with our closest family and friends. My mom, sister, and friends had set everything up for us and it was beyond perfect. By far the best day of my life…

Proposal 1

Shortly after he asked, I realized that there was a photographer taking pictures of the entire moment and I am so thankful for that. He rented out the chapel so that we would have it to ourselves, he hired a photographer, he proposed on 8/28 and he gave me the most perfect ring ever.

Ring 1

I am so blessed to have him as my fiance.

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