Meghan and Stephen

How We Met

Steve and I were friends in 8th and 9th grade before I moved to NH. I always had a little crush on him when we were younger. I lived in NH for the next 13 years. After graduating college, I moved to Boston and lived there for a few years before my cousin invited both Steve and I to a Boston Harbor Concert Cruise. We totally reconnected and started dating shortly after. We have been together for about 3 and a half years now.

how they asked

On December 23, 2017 my mom and I were having “cousin’s day” with family and met my dad and Steve for my cousin’s son’s birthday that evening. Steve had spent the afternoon with my dad. When it came time to leave my aunt’s house, Steve insisted that we ride home together and meet my parents at our house. My parents were staying with us for Christmas. On the drive home, Steve drove past our exit and I asked him where we were going. He responded that he told my dad that he would do something on the way home. I didn’t think too much of it, thinking that it was stopping at the store or something like that. I then got excited, thinking that we were going to go Christmas light hunting. I love looking at Christmas lights. Steve pulled up to the football field where my brother played growing up. My brother passed away 11 years ago and this was my special place to be with him. He pulled over and asked if I wanted to go for a walk. He said that I don’t spend enough time for me and he knows that the holidays can be tough and wanted to give me some time here. I just thought that he was being super sweet and thoughtful. We walked through the playground at the football field and he told me that he was able to talk to my father today and ask him, but he wasn’t able to ask my brother. So he wanted to bring me to the place that I felt closest to him. He got down on one knee and told me that these have been the best few years of his life. I stood there and cried for a whole minute before realizing that I hadn’t said yes. I said yes!

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