Meghan and Scott

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How We Met

My husband and I met in high school but were out of communication for a few years and reconnected. I lived in Florida and he was still in Michigan at the time so we dated long distance until he could move down.

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how they asked

Scott knew that my favorite animal was the Giant Panda and that I was dying to meet one so he planned an encounter trip for my 25th birthday at Zoo Atlanta. We made a weekend of it to celebrate and after the encounter, he took me back to the enclosure and asked a zoo keeper to take our photo. That is when he proposed. I was so happy that I basically blacked out and didn’t remember a word he said. It was the best day ever! We planned our wedding celebration for 2018 back home in Michigan but we actually decided to spontaneously get married this Christmas so we are officially newlyweds. I couldn’t be more happy with him and our four fur babies here in Florida. We hope to one day end up in Tennessee with a small farm to be a little closer to family but right now the beach life is treating us well.

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