Meghan and Rich

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How We Met

Rich and I met in Dahlonega, GA while both attending NGCSU (now UNG). We hung around the same group of friends for all four (ok, five) years of college but both dated other people. Our senior year, we were both single and started taking each other to our respective formal events and date parties. We’re really not sure if we ever had a first date but slowly that year our friendship turned into something more.

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We officially started dating in the fall of 2015 and never looked back! We’ve been through graduations, new jobs, and moving states and are so excited to take on a lifetime of experiences together.

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how they asked

In the north Georgia mountains, we spend most of our weekends either going for a hike, or visiting the local wineries. My best friend Kayna had convinced me to take a random Friday off work so that we could have a fun day at my favorite winery, Wolf Mountain. The day came and I made sure to dress up because I love to take advantage of any opportunity for good pictures. Rich and I arrived to Wolf Mountain before Kayna got there (or so I thought), so we were chatting with the owner and having a glass of wine. Then, Rich asks about the color of grapes on the vines outside, and Stephen says he would just take us out to the vines to explain more. I was like, “Wow this is awesome, I’ve never been out in the vines before”.

We got out into the vines, and Stephen tells us a little about the grapes and then offers to go inside to refill our wine glasses. Stephen turns the corner out of sight and Rich stumbles down on one knee and pulls the ring out of his pocket.

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It was one of those moments that’s hard to remember because it felt like a dream.

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Kayna turns the corner and so does our friend, Michael, who had been photographing the whole thing!

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Michael took some amazing photos and then the surprises continued when they took me to another winery where ALL of my friends and family were waiting to celebrate us.

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It was truly the most magical day and I am so thankful to everyone who played a part in it!

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Special Thanks

Kayna Clemons
 | Best friend/ Proposal Mastermind
Michael Cottrell
 | Photographer