Meghan and Patrick

How We Met

A friend of ours was doing a New Balance fitness photo shoot for the New Balance store in Atlanta that she worked for. Me and Meghan both arrived ready to shoot and had no clue who the other was. I went to introduce myself and as soon as we finished swapping names she immediately turned around and completely dismissed me (I later found out she that I was a muscle head and ignored me). I had emergency back surgery 2 days after that shoot and lost 27lbs and looked completely different. I ran into her 3 weeks later at Passion City Church and she didn’t recognize me due to the weight loss from surgery and we really hit it off! We went to coffee a week later and the rest was history!

How They Asked

I surprised Meghan in her favorite place on earth … Australia! I had a friend of ours at church create a fake event for her at our Australia campus that was mandatory for her to attend. Up to the point of proposing she was getting curious but I finally crushed all curiosity by connecting with all her friends there and here in America to have them convince her it wasn’t happening there until she finally believed. I did it on top of this mountain and there are 4 gates to get to the top.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Adelaide, Australia

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Adelaide, Australia

At each gate I left a rose and a card and the first one said “I’m sorry I can’t be here with you and see your face as you open it etc” the next 3 cars also accompanied by roses were full of reasons why I loved her but still including “I wish I could’ve been there to see your face as you read these.” She came up over the final ascent and I was standing there at the top. It took her a minute to get out of the car but when she did she was balling her eyes out. She finally walked up to me and I told her everything I love about her and then got down on one knee and asked her! Stood up and prayed over her and we had the best night and week in Australia ever!!

Where to Propose in Adelaide, Australia

Special Thanks

Nathan Evans
 | Planning
Chloe Evans
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