Meghan and Josh

How We Met: Josh and I met about 3 years ago at my cousin’s wedding. He was standing up with his best friend and I was of course standing up for my cousin the bride. Both of us hit it off the night before the wedding at the rehearsal dinner & had an amazing weekend. I never thought I would see him after since he is from Mayfield and I from Danville which is almost a 5 hour difference. But he came up and surprised me, made reservations & took me to an amazing dinner then out to a movie, the rest is history. We knew we were meant to be.

Image 1 of Meghan and Josh

how they asked: I flew to NYC to see him since he works with the professional bull riders and travels to a new big city every weekend. We have been to NYC two times before but never have a lot of time to explore. One night after the bull riding another couple was talking about going to eat where they got engaged in Central Park & roam around. They invited us to join and we agreed. The next morning we woke up and got ready to meet the other couple for “brunch” and I was so excited that we finally had time to explore Central Park because I love the movie Home Alone and was excited to see all the parts from the movie. We finally got to Central Park and it was a beautiful sunny day. We were walking around & Josh said “let’s go this way.” I started walking and saw a horse and carriage. I kept walking and saw a sign that read, ” Sarah Meghan Groves will you marry me?” I almost fainted. I couldn’t believe it was my name on that sign. … I turned around and Josh was on one knee proposing. It was so magical. Of course I said Yes! The couple that we were meeting captured the moment on camera for us which is so amazing since we will have that forever. We then rode in the carriage and just rode through Central Park engaged & happier than ever.

Image 2 of Meghan and Josh