Meghan and Jorge

Engagement Proposal Ideas in New York City - Conservatory Garden

How We Met

We met back in 2013 while both working for Lord & Taylor. I joined the company as an Executive Trainee and Jorge was an HR Coordinator. I went into the Flag Ship store in Manhattan for a training session conducted by Jorge himself. We began chatting as I thought it was so cool his name was Jorge Posada like the Yankee player! After a few months, I landed a management position in our Stamford CT store but would still travel into Manhattan 1x a month for training classes. I casually mentioned to Jorge that our HR Manager was leaving the company and the position would be open in Stamford. Jorge was quickly hired for the position and moved to Connecticut the same weekend he was made the offer. We had worked together for about 2 months but I decided to leave the company and work for my brothers restaurant group in Stamford. About 10 months went by until I saw Jorge again. I invited my old Lord & Taylor team to visit me at one of my brothers restaurants to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Jorge came with. Well after a few margaritas and cervezas, Jorge’s HR hat was off and he asked me out on a date! From this point on, we were inseparable and the rest is history!

how they asked

It started off as our last day together on the east coast before Jorge makes the moves to San Francisco first. I was told to leave planning in his hands which this itinerary obsessed planner had a hard time doing. I received an email invitation from him on Tuesday inviting me to have lunch with him at Jean George’s in New York City and was pleasantly surprised that he picked out the most incredible restaurant by himself, I must’ve taught him well. I didn’t ask too many questions as now I had an idea of what was going on. I thought I had it all figured out until the day started to unfold! A party bus limo picked us up at our apartment in Greenwich CT, we popped open a bottle of Dom Perignon and ventured into the city. We had the most incredible experience at Jean Georges, of course! The waitress asked us what we were celebrating and I blurted out that we were moving to the West Coast and it was our last day together on the East Coast. Little did I know, the whole restaurant knew he was planning on proposing!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New York City - Conservatory Garden

He then told me we have one more stop to make and it’s a secret but it’s some place green. He told Owen, our driver, to start heading there. We got dropped off in Harlem by the Conservatory Gardens. I’ve lived here all my life and in Manhattan for 3 year and I never saw this gem of a place. When he said we were going some place green he wasn’t kidding! We walked around to the most perfect spot and he got down on one knee.

Proposal Ideas New York City - Conservatory Garden

Where to Propose in New York City - Conservatory Garden

Little did I know his cousin Gina was taking photos and his mom was around the corner. As I’m on cloud 9 I try calling everyone in my family and I can’t get a hold of anyone! We couldn’t stop laughing at he fact that I was being ignored – we said our goodbyes to his mom and picked up some wine for our drive back to Greenwich. My brother Christopher finally responded to me and told us to come celebrate for a drink at my brothers restaurant by our house and to be honest I didn’t think anything of it. When we got there I still was not sure what was in store for us until we walked upstairs to a decorated room full of all our family and friends to continue celebrating ALL night. How no one slipped before that day when we have all been together for events the prior month is a miracle!