Meghan and Jim

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How We Met

We met on Bumble. So before actually meeting up, we talked via text. But our real first date was sushi, which was perfect for me having lived in San Diego for the past six years. I got there early to scope him out before dinner and then made him wait a few minutes. lol The food was great and Jim was already letting me order wine for our table (I’m picky, but hey he accepts it now!). Our conversation was fun, intriguing and easy. We talked about everything: family, work, travel… even about my love for Alabama Coach Nick Saban.

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But the next day when Jim asked me on a second date, I politely declined. I told him I thought we were missing chemistry. Jim says he was nervous and didn’t want to blow it by being too forward (as in holding my hand), but he was surprised by my response. Jim: “I remember word for word what she said after asking her out on another date: No!”

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Anyways, as luck would have it a week later I was having a horrible day when out of nowhere I received a text of a picture of 16-year old Jim and Coach Saban. Needless to say, it made me laugh. And after talking back and forth for a few days more, I decided to give us a second chance.

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how they asked

Jim and I had planned a trip back home to Virginia to meet my new niece and hang out with my family- whom I dearly missed. A couple of days before we left he told me he had booked a historic walking tour for us and then reservations at The Jefferson afterwards. This didn’t ring too many bells because I’m a huge history buff and thought he was just being thoughtful.

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When the day finally arrived, I was running late (big surprise) for our 4 o’clock tour. Because it’s Virginia in July, it was hot and sticky outside and so I asked if it would be alright if I just rocked some denim cutoffs and a tank. But Jim assured me that we’d be in and out of buildings, so I proceeded to dress up. As soon as we got to the ‘meeting place’ Jim disappeared to the restroom for 15 minutes!? I thought he was still lightheaded from a bike ride we did earlier in the day. Now I know he was meeting our photographer and strategizing where exactly to pop the question. He appeared shortly later and told me he got a text from our tour that said our meeting point had been changed. As we started walking along a trail near the James River, Jim dropped his bag on a park bench and then continued to walk away with me in hand. Typical me, I said something sassy -because you know ‘if you see something, say something.’ But that’s when I realized he was more nervous than I have ever seen him.

We walked maybe 10 more feet before he told me that there was no tour. That’s when I knew what was happening! He proceeded to tell me the sweetest things, thanking me for coming in to his and his two kids’ lives before taking a knee and asking for forever. It took me easily five minutes before I said yes; instead I kept sweeping away tears and repeating ‘thank you’ again and again. Oh, and that guy he was talking to in the restroom was a photographer who caught it all on camera!

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