Meghan and Jeremy


How We Met

Jeremy and I met on a free dating website called Plenty Of Fish. I came across his profile and decided to email him but unfortunately never heard from him. About 2 months later I saw he was on the site again so I decided to send him another message. This time I got lucky and heard from him. We talked for about a month before deciding to finally meet for dinner. The minute I saw him I knew there was something different about him. Our first date went so well I saw him the following week, and week after that and week after that. That is how our love story began!

how they asked

On Saturday September 24th I walked in the door from work to be hit with this cloud of smoke in my face. When I look up I see Jeremy standing there with logs all over our floor and candles lit, our TV set up playing a video collage of us and our song playing. He nervously approached me and started to explain that he had 479 candles lit, each one for everyday that he has known me and now that he has me he is never letting me go.


He then got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife… Tears of joy filled our eyes and he put the most beautiful ring I have ever seen on my finger… All I could do was cry and hug him not wanting to let him go…


We started to take pictures and I was trying to get ahold of my family but nobody would pick up!


Shortly after I began to hear knocks at our door. When I opened up the door my family was there, and then more family came and all of a sudden our friends started coming.. He threw a surprise engagement party for us that night… We were surrounded by so much love and just took every moment in.