Meghan and Jason

how we met

We met at Michigan State University the summer before my freshman year of college began. Jason was a year older, about to begin his sophomore year at MSU and we happened to cross paths at a mandatory campus work training. We began talking about how I had no clue where anything was on campus and Jason offered to give me a tour of my dorm and help me find my classes and the cafeterias. Afterwards, he suggested we grab lunch at Crunchy’s, downtown East Lansing. Lunch went so well that we ended up spending the entire afternoon together and already had plans to see each other again before I had to leave. Years later, I was looking for something in his wallet and found an aged receipt with most of the ink faded away. What remained was where Jason had written, “Meghan – 1st date. Crunchy’s 08/17/14.” It’s clear that we both knew we had something special even from our first date.

how they asked

He asked me to marry him in my final semester of nursing school. I think at that point we both knew we were going to get married. It’s something we talked about frequently when imagining our future.We were getting ready to leave for a spring break cruise and he became oddly fixated on making sure my nails were done for the vacation, even though he knew I couldn’t have nail polish on in nursing school. Of course, I immediately became suspicious! As I was packing our shared suitcase for the trip, I couldn’t help but search for a ring. After all, if he was planning to propose on the cruise, he had to get the ring there somehow and we were only taking one bag…I dug through every last pocket and didn’t find anything. “He must not be proposing this time. Maybe he just wanted my nails to look nice to cheer me up after a tough semester,” I remember thinking.A few days into our vacation, he planned an excursion from the Port of Cozumel in Mexico. We took a catamaran to a private island called ‘Isla de Pasión’ (Island of Passion).After a beautiful, sunny sail, we docked and he suggested we go explore a more desolate part of the island. We wandered across the beautiful white sand, looking out at the bright blue ocean with no one else in sight. I remembered thinking the day could not get any more perfect as we enjoyed those amazing views…He set his cell phone against a palm tree, casually mentioning how he wanted a picture of us together since we didn’t have many on the trip yet. Thinking his phone was on a timer, I stood in the ocean patiently waiting for him to join me in the picture. But to my surprise, as he got closer he took out a small box and slowly got down on one knee. He reached for my hands, but I had already moved them towards my face as I gasped in shock. Everything seemed surreal as he expressed his love for me, reminding us of how we were meant to be together forever… Then he opened the box that I had torn our suitcase apart looking for only a few days prior, took out the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen, and as I cried like a baby, he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I still don’t know how he managed to get the ring over there and surprise me, but that’s just one of the many reasons why he is my favorite person. I couldn’t have imagined a more intimate or beautiful moment to mark the beginning of our lives together.

Special Thanks