Meghan and Ian

How We Met

Ian and I went to the same private high school in Concord, NH. Although we were aware of who one another were we didn’t start talking until March of our senior year. We started dating in April, a few weeks before our senior prom. Fast forward five and a half years and we are happily living in Newmarket, NH. He works as a Civil Engineer in a neighboring town and I am a second grade teacher :).

how they asked

This past weekend, Ian and I were at my parent’s house, which is also the house I grew up in. We wanted to enjoy the snowstorm at my parents where they ALWAYS get more snow. Ian tried to convince me to go for a walk outside but all I wanted to do was watch movies in my sweats! After going back and forth, we compromised and decided we would go sledding! I grew up sledding in my backyard with my brothers and sister and I wanted to show him how much fun it is!

Ian helped me make a path in the fresh 6+ inches of snow and I went up and down probably five times before he told me if I could beat my distance I would get a prize. The first prize was a kiss and the second a hug. I told him I had one more run in me before I was ready to head back inside.

It was my best run of the day! I turned around to head back up the hill and to start inside when I heard him say, ” Hey, you forgot your prize!” I turned around to see my very best friend, the love of my life, and my biggest cheerleader down on one knee with a shiny red box. Then I saw an even shiner ring! I dropped to my knees in surprise and in awe of the man who will one day be my husband. After lots of hugging and some tears I put the ring on and raced up the hill! I was headed inside to tell my mom the good news. Little did I know she was watching the whole thing from her bedroom window!

Image 1 of Meghan and Ian

Image 2 of Meghan and Ian

By the time I made it to the front door she was there waiting for me with my new fiance right behind me. Ian and I love winter and snow. Although he had originally had different plans for his proposal, I could not have imagined a more magical and “us” proposal.

Image 3 of Meghan and Ian

Image 4 of Meghan and Ian

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