Meghan and Gino

How We Met

Gino and I met as Michigan State University in September of 2015. Neither of us went to school, but we had both been there that day for a tailgate with our friends/family. It was the only time we had gone that year. We had seemed to annoy each other when we first met, yet we clicked, as we are very similar people. We had put his number on my phone and texted me; from that day and on we had spoken every day.

How They Asked

The past year or so we have been discussing marriage but I was getting nervous making it all happened as we both began Grad school and developed busy schedules. I am working to achieve my Masters vs. Doctorate in Family Nurse Practitioner and he is working to obtain his MBA. We had briefly looked at rings in late February and then we entered a pandemic, where all business and shops shut down. At this time I wasn’t even sure if we had a ring or not. I was going through a very difficult time as I was directly working with COVID-19 patients.

Image 3 of Meghan and Gino

We also decided to not see each other due to living with our families and wanting to keep everyone safe. March 13th was the last time I was able to see Gino, hug him, even kiss him. Next comes May; early/mid-May my floor had converted back to our original Hematology/Oncology Unit due to improving numbers of COVID-19 patients. I was happy to see cases improving but still nervous about what the future may look like. Gino and I decided to finally see each other, with the social distancing of course.

Image 4 of Meghan and Gino

He had surprised me for Nurses Day with a sign and apparently, at that time he had asked my father permission without me knowing. On May 22, Gino took me to a bridge where we had our first kiss and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. It was the happiest I had felt in months, it was the first kiss we had since March 13th, it was everything I had dreamed of without even knowing it. In a time of negativity, he brought so much light to my life. We are very excited about our future and began planning our perfect wedding!

Image 2 of Meghan and Gino

Special Thanks

Alyssa Prouty
 | Photographer