Meghan and Garet

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Buckeye Lake Winery

How We Met

In the fall of 2014, Garet had just gotten out of the military and moved back to Ohio to go back to school, which is where we met through mutual friends at that time. On our first date, Garet picked me up and told me that we would be going somewhere special. After what seemed like the longest drive ever, we came to Buckeye Lake Winery. We had so much fun drinking good wine and eating great food that night. It was the best first date I had ever been on! Later the next day I was on the phone with my mom and, jokingly, told her that he was the one (because anyone who takes me to a winery has a special place in my heart). The rest, as they say, is history!

How They Asked

Garet and I go to the same salon to get our hair cut by the same lady, Katelyn. A few weeks back, he had mentioned that when he was getting his hair done, Katelyn told him she was having a St. Patty’s Day “giveaway” and that I should enter into it. I ended up winning the giveaway which, coincidentally, included a manicure. The same week, my mom wanted to buy me an “early Easter outfit”, which seemed a little strange to me given the fact that Easter was another month away.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Buckeye Lake Winery

The morning came when I had my hair and nail appointment. By the time I got home and opened the front door, there were rose petals leading into our dining room with a note telling me to meet him at Buckeye Lake Winery. It’s a good forty-minute drive from our house so the whole drive there I was freaking out because I was so excited. I walked into the winery, and Garet had the whole room decorated like the final rose ceremony on The Bachelor (one of our favorite shows). When he opened up the ring box, there was NO ring inside. Shortly thereafter, our 3-year-old Lab, Franklin, ran into the room with the ring attached to his collar. It was such a magical evening.

Meghan's Proposal in Buckeye Lake Winery

Special Thanks

Zane Maughmer
 | Photographer