Meghan and Dylan

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How We Met

We met our junior year of college at Southern Connecticut State University. It was the end of the fall semester when I was in the middle of our final presentation. I looked up to see Dylan staring at me. At the end of the presentation, I turned to my friend and said, “did you see that kid looking at me?” Dylan’s side of the story was that when he was doing his presentation he looked up and I was smiling at him. Spring semester started and I went to the wrong classroom which made me late for class (which is embarrassing enough). The first person I see when I walk into the right classroom (Jennings hall 114) was Dylan looking up at me. He sat in the front of the room and I sat in the back. All semester he would turn to “look at the clock” every five minutes or so. We both would get to this class early and be stuck waiting in the hall for the previous class to finish. Without fail, he held the door open for me at the start and finish of every class. Towards the end of the semester, Dylan and I got partnered up to work on a project. He didn’t say much and just agreed to everything I said. Even though he wouldn’t talk much, he says he would do things to get my attention; dropping his pen in the middle of class so I would have to pick it up, answer questions that he didn’t really know the answer to just to sound smart, and always walking in last so he could strut across the front of the class to get to his seat. In the last class of the semester, he finally approached me and we had our first date a couple of days later, May 11, 2016. After that first date, we were basically inseparable and by May 20th we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Neither of us would have thought those brief interactions would have led us to where we are today. The relationship unfolded effortlessly and naturally.

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How They Asked

Every Friday night during quarantine we would take a drive to Branford, CT to order take out for dinner. We would either take it home or stop by the Owenego Inn and Beach Club to sit by the water and enjoy our dinner. For about two weeks Dylan was talking about ordering pizza from his favorite pizza place in Branford. On May 29, 2020, we had ordered pizza but it was too early to pick up so Dylan suggested we take a walk on the rocks at The Owego.

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I was turned the opposite way with my back towards him saying how beautiful the scenery was. I was getting ready to walk away when he grabbed my hand to pull me back towards him and he got down on one knee.

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His grandfather was the one person who really wanted us to get married so he proposed where his grandfather’s ashes were spread. It was sentimental and perfect.

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