Meghan and Dustin

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How We Met

Dustin and I can thank my friend Morgan for meeting. When bad things happen to Morgan great things happen to people close to her. I’m the 3rd person to find their significant other while helping Morgan solve a problem. Ladies if you’re looking for a husband you should hang around Morgan! I was home visiting my parents in Houston for the Forth of July. While at a Fourth of July party Morgan had her phone stolen from her purse. The next day she messaged me asking if I’d like to go on an adventure with her to find it via find my iPhone. I’m always up for an adventure so I hopped in her car to accompany her on the hour drive to find her phone. While we were trying to get her phone back Morgan and I went on a dating app on my phone while we were trying to kill some time. It didn’t even cross my mind that I did not live in this city and the people I’d find would live no where near me. I matched with one person in the few minutes we were on the app, and it was Dustin. He messaged me and we began talking, by this point I was three and a half hours away in San Antonio. We talked every day until I moved back to Houston four weeks later. The day I moved back to Houston was the day Dustin and I went on our first date. We have spent our whole relationship living an hour and a half apart. We are both very thankful Morgan’s stolen phone brought us together!

how they asked

Dustin and I love going to the HOPE Outdoor Gallery every time we go to Austin. The artwork and graffiti is truly impressive and constantly changing and every time we go we are blown away. But on Saturday April 16, 2016 the graffiti was more than impressive, it was life changing! We went to visit the graffiti park on Saturday morning, I was excited to show off my spray painting skills (or lack there of) and we were greeted by Miles who runs the HOPE Outdoor Gallery. He gave us a couple cans of spray paint and Dustin and I started exploring the park looking for the perfect place to paint. After looking around for a while and contributing our best attempt of graffiti art Dustin asked if I wanted to take a picture before we left.

Of course I said yes, and we asked a girl standing nearby if she could take a picture of us. After she snapped a few photos Dustin asked me if I wanted to look at the pictures on his phone to make sure they turned out okay and met my approval. While checking out the photo to make sure we were both smiling and didn’t blink at just the wrong time Dustin asked if I noticed anything in the background of the picture. I immediately noticed the words “Will you marry me?” painted on four different walls of the graffiti park.

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I turned to him with a HUGE smile and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. The other people at the park all applauded and cheered when I said yes! Once the initial shock wore off I realized the girl who we asked to take our picture was actually the photographer, Lyndsay, who Dustin hired to capture the special moment on camera. And the spray paint cans that Miles gave us when we first arrived were the cans he used to paint the words “Will you marry me?” on the four walls before we arrived that morning.

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I hadn’t noticed the hidden message from Dustin during our time at the graffiti park because you have to be standing in the exact spot that we took the picture to be able to see the message. Even though I was never able to see the message until the right moment our wonderful photographer was able to capture a few moments when I was standing just below the art work oblivious to what was about to happen!

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Special Thanks

Lyndsay Lyon
 | Photographer