Meghan and Desmond

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How We Met

We actually went to high school together, but never dated in high school! Desmond would always try to have his friends hook us up. For some odd reason we’ve always had this attractive connection, but it never happened. Even after high school, we went our separate ways and did not hear from or see each other for years. Until one day we ran into one another at the mall, and had not stopped talking since then. The rest is history!

how they asked

We were in NYC for a casual weekend trip for fun. Turned out to be the most amazing trip we’ve both ever experienced! We were headed to dinner (what I initially thought our plans were) and for some reason, the whole time I was getting ready for dinner I felt uneasy, hungry, anxious, weird, and God knows what else. I was like, “intuition; what are you trying to tell me?” Desmond seemed a little nervous because he normally waits on me to get ready and gripes about me taking so long. This time, he went downstairs of our hotel to take a shot and wait on me to finish getting ready. Huh? Surprisingly, our Uber took a detour and we ended up at this beautiful rooftop where he popped the question!

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Special Thanks

Ash Fox
 | Photographer