Meghan and Dennis

How We Met

Aboard the Carnival Ecstasy, I owe it all to that cruise ship! I met Dennis the night of May 18th, 2015, just off the coast of Key West, FL under the most gorgeous star-filled sky, over a Goo Goo Dolls Cover song and a shot of Patron. We were both with friends, well, I was traveling with my Ex (yes I know, he was already an Ex though, we were amicable so decided to still travel together).

After that song, we were inseparable, 4 days together, learning everything we could.

Meghan and Dennis's Engagement in New Orleans, LA

But when that trip ended, I wrote my number on a napkin, and we walked off that ship, no one could’ve known for certain what our futures would hold. Would we ever see each other again? Would we even like each other when not basking in the sun and enjoying our cocktails? I remember feeling completely sick to my stomach because I had just met the love of my life, my soulmate, but how would this all work out??

I lived in Upstate New York and Dennis lived in West Palm Beach, FL. We were a world away. I was pulling into the airport for my flight back to New York and he texted. The relief was immediate and then it all started, we talked every minute of the day! I arrived home to flowers on my doorstep and overwhelming love in my heart. From that moment every few weeks, we traveled to see each other. First Charleston, SC, my favorite city in America, then New Orleans, LA, Dennis’ favorite city for his 31st Birthday, I was instantly taken with the beauty of the city, the overflow of culture and vibrant architecture. Dennis asked me to be his girlfriend here in this city, we said I love you for the first time here, and shared this kiss, in the most beautiful spot I can remember in this city. It became a part of us, a part of our story and a favorite for us to return to time and time again.

5 more trips, and 6 months, Dennis flew to NY on November 26th, 2015, we were packing a moving truck and leaving my small town, all I had known for my 26 years and we travelled down the coast with everything in tow. Continuing our journey, finally together.

June 21st, 2019 we’re back again, in our favorite city to celebrate Dennis turning 36, and the purchase of our first home!!! It has been 4 years, millions of kisses, trillions of “I love yous” and countless memories. But he had one more question, “Share your life with me?” and I said YES!!!!!!!!!

How They Asked

We arrived on June 21st, 2019, Dennis’ 36th birthday, eager to get to some of our favorite spots and favorite foods! We celebrated with Jazz, Aperol, and Burlesque a perfect welcoming day back to our favorite city.

The next morning, Saturday, June 22nd, when Dennis suggested we walk toward the water and explore, I happily obliged to exploring new areas and cuisine!! After a few hours, while walking back toward the French Quarter, I repeatedly asked for us to head toward Jackson Square, one of the only spots in this amazing city we don’t have a selfie. Ironclad gates, expansive lush green lawns, and that statue! It’s picturesque!! Dennis, of course, said yes, however, kept veering us in different directions, to try other things, new things. I went along happily.

That evening we had dinner reservations at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, my only request this trip! Muriel’s Jackson Square!! Ghost Stories, Killer Cocktails, and our favorite spot! Our first kissing photo from 4 years before, I couldn’t wait to get back there!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in New Orleans, LA

As we approached Jackson Square, I was in awe of the local artisans, bustling tourists and the gorgeous Wedding ceremony taking place in the cathedral!!! We stepped closer to Muriel’s, Dennis grabbed my hands and said, “Do you remember this spot, where we have our favorite photo, the one on our fridge?” Yesssss, I replied with a shaking voice. “Well because this is such a special place for us, I find it only fitting” the rest was a complete blur through running mascara and trembling knees. I saw the box, he drops to one knee and he took my shaking hand. I couldn’t even remember what I said if I tried!!!! Share your life with me?

Crying and shaking, I said YES!!!!! in our spot, sealed with a thousand more kisses, a ceremony in the background, a parade passing by and a cheering crowd. This moment was ours and I would never forget it!!!! WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!!

Special Thanks

Traven Stout
 | Photographer