Meghan and Dan

How We Met: We met back in summer 2013 when Image 1 of Meghan and Danwe weren’t planning on meeting “the one”. I was twenty and going into my junior year of college, and he was twenty-one and living with his family nearby.

We were both on, simply with the interest in meeting new people & seeing who else was out there. I (Meghan) noticed that this kid Dan was my number one match and hadn’t reached out to me, so I took the initiative.

Once he answered, we texted for a few weeks before meeting at Qdoba for the first time. The rest is history, and the best two years of our lives.

how they asked: We began talking about getting engaged after I graduated from college. Being a bit of a control freak, I struggled with not being able to control this one thing. However, Dan did an amazing job.

Our two-year anniversary was on July 27th, but we both were working an elected to move celebrations to July 29th, the day I always swore was our anniversary (I’ll admit to being wrong).

I was told what to wear and that was it, and Dan drove us to College Park, Maryland, where our relationship started. We had dinner at Busboys & Poets in West Hyattsville (where we ate an excessive amount of food), before he drove us up to campus to walk around, just as we did during the early days of our relationship.

After walking around McKeldin Mall and nothing happening, Dan insisted on walking down to Lake Artemesia, where we got caught in the rain on one of our first days. I complained of the heat and my poor footwear, however Dan was persuasive. We walked to the lake, where we found the gazebo overlooking the lake that we would often sit in and talk about everything.

There we found one of my best friends Alison, who made me believe she was there to meet one of our other friends. I did not think anything of it when she left us alone and walked off. Then, before I knew it, Dan was professing his love and pulled out a little black box with the most beautiful ring in it and asked me to spend forever with him. After telling him he had to get on one knee, I cried yes over and over again.

Image 2 of Meghan and Dan

Alison, unsurprisingly, was asked by Dan to capture the whole moment. After some photos and lots of tears & phone calls, we retreated to Cornerstone, our go-to bar, to meet and celebrate with our closest friends!

Image 3 of Meghan and Dan

Photos by: Alison Lynch