Meghan and Cole

How We Met

We both went to Stonehill College, where we had mutual friends and knew of each other, but our paths never crossed. Four years later, we recognized each other on the dating app Hinge, and swiped right! After catching up on post-grad life, we made plans to meet face-to-face at dinner in downtown Boston. We had immediate chemistry and didn’t want the date to end early, so we headed over to the roofdeck of Cole’s apartment in the North End, picking up some cannolis on the way. We stayed up late talking and laughing, and by the end of the night we had already made plans for our next date!

How They Asked

Cole’s proposal was nine months in the making! He wanted to include our families in the surprise, so had to plan ahead to include his Dad and Stepmom flying up from South Carolina. He also knew he wanted to record this special moment for us to remember. Meghan has always been very into videography and capturing memories, and Cole knew she would want this one to be captured, so he reached out to a great local photographer, Stephanie Berenson. She was happy to collaborate with him, and brought her good friend from high school Tony Simonetti on as the videographer! The three of them planned the proposal down to the minute and exact location. That day, Meghan thought we were heading to dinner to celebrate Cole’s birthday with his Mom and Stepdad at his favorite restaurant in the North End, which happened to be right next door to his former apartment. After that first date on the roofdeck, we made so many memories there, and it has always been so special to us. As we walked into the square, Cole explained to Meghan that this evening was not actually about him, but about us. He then got down on one knee and asked Meghan to marry him in the exact spot where it all began. She said “yes, of course!” We went around the North End capturing photos at our favorite places to eat, to have dessert, and in front of the apartment door together to celebrate our first moments as an engaged couple. As we started heading back, Cole’s second surprise came to fruition. Both of our families came out from around the corner to celebrate! We were so excited to share this moment with them. After a memorable dinner at Mamma Maria, we headed over to Bell in Hand where many of our friends were waiting to continue the celebrations with us!


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