Meghan and Chase

How We Met

Chase and I have been together since we were 14. After going to the same middle school, dating each other’s close friends and even sharing a class together we somehow never met!

That is until high school rolled around and I remember seeing this guy on the first day of 9th grade in the tightest skinny jeans and deepest v-neck I had ever seen in my life! A few weeks later, I took my best friends bus back to her house and there that skinny jean wearing boy was again. Not only did he seem crazy cool but he also had long hair that hung over his eyes and listened to very edgy metal music. So needless to say, my 14-year-old heart was exploding.

Where to Propose in Tybee Island, GA

So we started talking. I think I was actually trying to set him up with one of my good friends…I can admit now that I really did not have the best intentions there…but hey 14 right? And pretty quickly it became apparent that we were becoming great friends. It wasn’t long after that, that we both admitted, quite shyly, on the phone one night that we had a crush on someone. After much back and forth seeing who would say it first we had finally revealed we had a big old teenage crush on each other!

Meghan's Proposal in Tybee Island, GA

But being 14 it was of course much more melodramatically complicated as I had a boyfriend and he was seriously talking to one of my friends.

Now I know we were young but I could not ignore what we had. It was like lightning. He was my best friend after just a month of talking. I wanted to tell him every single thing about my day. All of the thoughts in my head. I actually got laughs out of the very strange, usually dark, jokes I made. And it wasn’t like it felt with other boys you talk to that young. This was very very real.

So we each ended our other relationships, and as you can imagine LOT’S of teenage drama ensued. But finally, a few weeks after it all calmed down, that skinny jean wearing boy asked me to be his girlfriend on “Freshmen Hill” (yes that’s a real place at our high school) and I screamed “FINALLY!” and then a minute later remembered to actually say yes.

**Note this is some serious foreshadowing to my reaction at the proposal**

How They Asked

9 ½ years later here we are, sitting on the beach in Savannah, GA listing off our top 10 favorite memories over the years. From high school dances to saving up for a month to go on a fancy date together at the local pizza place, to moving up to college together, taking our first overseas trip to Ireland and sitting by the fire in our very first home while Chase played me my favorite songs on his guitar.

As the sun had started to set, he suggested we go for a quick walk by the water before it got too dark. I remember thinking this would be the perfect place to propose but pushed it aside because I am VERY tough to surprise and despite my best snooping efforts over the last few months, found no clues that he even had a ring.

As we turned around from our walk to start heading back, I remember telling him how I couldn’t believe it had been almost 10 years and I couldn’t wait for 10 more. He then asked, “only 10? That’s it?”. I responded that no, of course, I’d want a million more years with him…no take that back, infinity (really annoyingly cute stuff, I do apologize I know what we’re like sometimes.) and it was around that time that I noticed he wasn’t next to me anymore and I had walked ahead of him. So I turned around and there he was.

Staring right at me, a little blotchy like he might cry, and getting down on one knee. When he said “Meghan Fisher, will you Marry Me?” I screamed and asked “oh my gosh is this really happening? I love you so much!!!” and then, just like when we were 14, I remembered I never said yes and promptly responded with an “oh and yes, of course, I will!”.

We were jumping with joy, hugging and kissing, I swear my heart felt like it would explode. I didn’t even notice or remember the ring for a few minutes and then when I finally stopped hugging him, I was blinded by my dream ring (that I fully never expected and still don’t know how I got).

Now here we are in full wedding planning mode getting ready to celebrate a decade together with an “I do” and I truly did not know I could be so happy and in love.

14-year-old Meghan, if you can hear this, thank you so much for giving that shaggy-haired guy a chance. He’s the most wonderful, supportive, funny and talented man and one day he will cut his hair (and you’ll honestly miss it sometimes) and decide that being a rock star isn’t the dream and actually move toward being a pediatrician (yeah your heart still explodes thinking about that I know) and you’ll be completely shocked every single day that when you were so little, he chose you. And every day since, through high school, college, post-graduate life and now for the rest of time, he’s chosen you.