Meghan and Chad

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How We Met

It all started two and a half years ago when Chad’s best friend was trying to flirt with me at a bar but stopped mid-sentence and said, “I have to introduce you to my best friend!” From the moment we met each other we had a strong connection. We spent the first year in a long distance relationship. A year later we moved to sunny Southern, California to start a new adventure together!

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how they asked

We love exploring new places and going on adventures so every year on MLK weekend we go somewhere for my birthday since we have Monday off. This year we went to San Francisco and I couldn’t have been more excited! We spent the day taking in all the sights from walking on the beach by the Golden Gate Bridge to see the house where Full House was filmed. At sunset we headed up to Golden Gate Bridge National Park where Chad said, “he had the perfect place to watch the sunset.” We walked around taking in all the breathtaking sights where you could see all of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was such a clear day but pretty chilly and windy. Chad suggested we go to the car and warm up so he could grab his jacket. We then headed back out to watch the sun finishing setting.

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As we walked along a very private trail we saw a person walking towards us and Chad suggested we take a picture. He asked the kind guy walking towards us if he’d take our picture. As I turned around Chad was pulling flowers out of his pocket and asked if I could hold them..the next thing I knew he was pulling a smooth black box out and dropping down to one knee. He said he couldn’t imagine life without me and that this strong magnificent bridge reminds him of our strong connection since day 1. He opened the box and I just burst into tears saying, “yes!!” Meanwhile, the man taking our pictures had pulled out his super fancy camera to capture the entire moment for us..when Chad handed him his phone he whispered he was going to propose. The most beautiful moment captured by a stranger. It was perfect.

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