Meghan and Cameron

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Moore Cove Falls, NC

How We Met

Cameron and I met in high school; English class, freshman year to be exact. We were always pretty friendly with each other and talked a lot, but we didn’t start dating until March of our junior year. I asked him on his birthday if he wanted to be my boyfriend (kinda cheesy), but the rest is history. And we have literally been together ever since!

Meghan's Proposal in Moore Cove Falls, NC

We graduated high school and went away to college together. After college, we both moved back home to start our careers. We’ve basically grown up and become adults together; which is great because we always have each other to lean on. He is my best friend and my rock. I can’t imagine life without him. So after 6 years together, engagement was only a matter of time.

How They Asked

Being in a 6-year relationship, Cameron and I always said: “Marriage was not an if, but a when.” However, with him going off to grad school this fall, we had talked about waiting to get married until after he had finished his Masters. Anyway, for our birthdays this year, we decided instead of giving gifts that we would love to take a short vacation; just the two of us. We are from Charlotte, NC so we decided to get away to Asheville to explore nature and explore some breweries. We went up on Friday morning to the Pisgah National Forest and ended up hiking to Moores Cove Falls; which is a small enough waterfall that you can stand under it and splash around in the creek below.

We had taken a few pictures of each other in front of the waterfall and Cameron suggested we get to take one together, so I unknowingly asked a stranger to take our photo. I toss him my phone, smile for the photos and the man starts to hand me my phone back, but Cameron says “Can we get just one more?” Then he gets down on one knee, in the water and asks me to marry him. I was completely stunned and in disbelief, but of course, I said yes!! It was hands down the best surprise and it gave us something else to celebrate for the rest of the trip.