Meghan and Bryson

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How We Met

I’m from the city and he’s from the country…. Our fairy-tale love story. Bryson and I met in college. We were at a pool party when we laid eyes on each other and knew we were meant to be. We spent every day together since then. We had our first date 4-wheeling in the mud then he took me to look at the stars in the middle of a field in the back of his truck. It was like a movie! He has taught me how to hunt, fish, build things, drive stick shift and to be the best version of myself. Bryson and I have been together for 3 1/2 years since our first date and are stoked to spend the rest of our lives together!

how they asked

On New years eve, Bryson was working and told me to be ready for dinner at 2. As he showed up at our house around 2:15, he was more rushed than I have ever seen him (he is always a slow-poke). Before we left the house to go to dinner he told me to grab my shotgun because we needed to stop at our farm on the way and check the cameras. Which I totally believed because the night before we were at a party with our farm neighbors and he said they saw a big buck run onto our property. So naturally we wanted to check the cameras and hopefully catch that sucker! As we pulled onto our farm, there was a vehicle parked and Bryson explained to me that he let one of his friends hunt our land that weekend. So Bryson hands me a sim card and tells me to go change out the sim card in the camera, so as I’m walking through the mud in my hunting boots and all I hear him yell “Meghan!” When I turned around he had the biggest smile on his face and looked nervous as ever and I started crying instantly!

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There he was on one knee, right on the spot we were planning to build our future home together.

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So of course I said yes!!!

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But the story gets better, it turns out that vehicle was a photographer hiding in the woods, so as we were taking engagement photos Bryson told me to turn around and that’s when I saw my in-laws vehicle pull in. I was so excited to see them and so happy they were there to support us. Little did I know my family was in the car! The second I saw my Mother and Father and Brother and Sister-in-law step out I started screaming and running full speed through the mud!

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Bryson knows how much family means to me and the fact that he asked them to come from 3 1/2 hours away was truly the sweetest thing ever. When all is said and done, he nailed this proposal perfectly. I couldn’t have written a better proposal.

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Special Thanks

Carmen Foxall
 | What I See Photography