Meghan and Alex

Meghan's Proposal in Outside my parents house on the beach

How They Asked

My family and I were doing our annual family olympics when Alex proposed to me. We have done these olympics every year since I can remember and it is a BIG deal in our household. We all are very competitive so the weekend is busy and filled with laughter and competitive fun.

It was after the second day of the olympics, the shuffleboard event just ended and we went back to my parents house to relax. Alex although was very much not relaxed. He was pacing and restless and wanted us to go to my favorite spot for a drink which is a short walk from my parents house on the beach. I was excited to go so I changed into a casual outfit and he told me that he thinks I should change. Being the independent woman I am I was not happy with this comment. I talked back to him and refused. Then my mom (who was in on the proposal) urged me to change. With her suggestion I went back upstairs and got into a dress. Now Alex and I finally left the house and walked on the beach. All of a sudden it starts down pouring. Alex is panicked and I am so confused why he is so frazzled. We turn back and start heading back to my parents house when he starts saying “ Do you remember when we first walked this beach” and I having no idea said “nope I don’t remember”. Poor guy, with the rain and my obliviousness he had to speed things up. We then are about right in front of my parents house and I start heading inside. He takes my hand and then gets on his knee. I was so shocked I completely forgot what he said and all I can remember is seeing my family inside the house yelling and cheering and seeing the beaming face from my now fiancé Alex who had just asked me to be his future wife. It was a magical moment in my favorite place surrounded by those who I love most.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Outside my parents house on the beach